Celebrating Halloween in 2020

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Kids all over the nation look forward to Halloween. Many adults love the occasion too. And what’s not to love? Costumes, candy, parties, and special events make October a fun month. But 2020 seems to have thrown a wrench into normal Halloween plans. Some areas are completely canceling trick or treating, which has been a huge disappointment for kids. Now everyone may need to look for some alternatives when it comes to celebrating Halloween in 2020. Even if you can’t participate in your usual Halloween traditions, there are plenty of ways to still enjoy the day.

Have fun at home

Some of the most popular Halloween activities like haunted houses and door-to-door candy handouts may not work out this year. But you can still create a fun evening at home. For older kids, you can do a scary evening at home with Halloween-themed snacks and scary movies. If you live in an area where trick or tricking has been ruled out this year, try it at home. Set up different candy stations throughout the house, have the whole family dress up, and fill your buckets with everyone’s favorite candy. Bonus points if you decorate some of the rooms in your house with themed decor.

Alternatives to traditional trick or treating

Most people have probably not given much thought to the risks associated with trick or treating until the COVID-19 pandemic. Crowded streets filled with kids was the norm last year, but now it’s cause for concern. Some locations have already canceled trick or treating events. But there are alternatives to traditional trick or treating. There are a few neighborhoods that are using a one-way trick or treating approach. This means homeowners can make up treat bags or set out a bowl of candy where kids can take their treats without close contact. Another alternative is to have a reverse trick or treat where neighborhoods have a candy parade. Kids can stand outside in their costumes while neighbors drive by with Halloween treats to throw out the windows. You can socially distance and even make the evening an exciting event by decorating driveways, having snacks, and throwing a safely distanced neighborhood party.

Halloween is traditionally celebrated with door-to-door trick or treating, haunted houses, and parties. But celebrating Halloween in 2020 may look a little different. Those who live in an area with a low rate of infection of COVID-19 may be able to celebrate as normal. But some areas have already changed normal Halloween activities. Trick or treating can safely be done at a distance with drive-by candy parades or the one-way approach where there is no close contact. If you can’t celebrate Halloween outside your home, there are still plenty of fun ways to enjoy the day. Set up indoor trick or treating stations around your house, decorate your rooms with different spooky themes, and have a scary movie marathon. Halloween 2020 may look different than others from the past, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy it.


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