Celebrities don’t take the pandemic seriously, why should you?

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Celebrities don't take the pandemic seriously, why should you? - The Hot Mess Press

Back in August, it was announced that Barack Obama would have a large party at his multi-million dollar estate on Martha’s Vineyard. Imagine that. We’re in a global pandemic with all sorts of variants popping up, killing people left and right. But the Obamas thought it was an appropriate time to throw a 60th birthday party with hundreds of guests. Understandably, when the party was announced, many people were upset. Kids are going to school wearing masks all day, businesses may be forced to fire unvaccinated workers, and the world is in general upheaval and panic mode. But the wealthy simply aren’t affected by it. They party and have events like everything is normal. So why should we take the pandemic seriously?

The Obamas party like it’s 2019

Oh, to be back in pre-pandemic times. We could walk around without face masks, get together with friends and family, and just live life without fear. Some people are living life normally, but others are still terrified of COVID-19. But ask yourself this. If there was a true worldly pandemic raging through communities and killing people at random, would the Obamas and their wealthy friends celebrate maskless in close proximity with hundreds of others? Surely, they would have more concern for their health and would be cautious. Once information on the planned soiree for Obama’s 60th birthday was brought to the attention of the public, they released a statement that they would scale back the guest list. But leaked photos and videos from the event show lack of masking, no social distancing, and general pandemic no-nos.

Rules for thee

Celebrities generally have a high opinion of themselves. They are often narcissistic and they love to tell us, the little peons of the world, what to do. Have you noticed how many celebrities speak out in favor of mandates for COVID-19 vaccinations, or even just general pandemic rules? But they don’t follow the same guidelines. Children are going to school wearing masks all day. This isn’t healthy for them. Extended mask-wearing can actually lead to health issues. Plus, some studies show that masks aren’t even effective at preventing the spread of viruses. When you see celebrities partying at the Emmys and other events, ignoring the rules that we are supposed to follow, does that make you wonder? Perhaps these rules aren’t designed to benefit the health of the public, but rather to control people and make them live in a state of fear.

I realize that many people are still scared of COVID-19. I would never tell someone how to live their life or what decision is best for themselves and their family. We all have to make decisions based on what we feel is best. But one thing I’ve learned over the past 18 months is that the media and the government are not providing the public with good, honest information. Look beyond mainstream news and government talking heads and you may find some unexpected truths. Consider the fact that the wealthiest people in our country, including actors, musicians, and politicians, don’t take the pandemic seriously. Do they know something we don’t? Always question information that doesn’t make sense and look into it for yourself. You may be shocked at how often the American public is misled in an effort to maintain the status quo.


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