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Here at The Hot Mess Press, we pride ourselves on being “news for people who hate the news.” A brief perusal of our archives will lead you to posts on a vast array of topics. You can read about ways to strengthen your immune system. In the seconds it takes to click a link, you can change to topics such as “things kangaroos and elephants have in common” or “great ideas for summer jobs for teenagers.” Once in a while, our writers touch upon “actual news,” such as this recent article about the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. From funny to serious to random thoughts to ponder, the diversity is part of what “makes us tick” and why our readers love to scroll our pages. Since I haven’t done so in a long time, today’s post will feature recent celebrity news headlines. As usual, some crazy stuff has been happening in stardom.

Neil Young’s celebrity news didn’t end in his favor

My fellow Baby Boomers no doubt spent years of their lives rocking away to Neil Young music. Some his greatest hits include “Hey, Hey, My, My” and “Southern Man,” as well as “Teach Your Children,” which he performed as part of the foursome, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Mr. Young’s had three wives, including the most recent, Daryl Hannah, who starred in the popular 1984 movie, “Splash.” Young was also mentioned (in a not so favorable light) in Lynyrd Skynyrd’s smash hit “Sweet Home Alabama.” The song was written in response to Young’s “Southern Man” tune, which painted a stereotypical view of southerners as racists. I’m pretty sure Skynyrd’s musical response was all in good fun, since members of the band often sported Neil Young t-shirts on stage.

This past week, however, Neil Young, now in his late 70s, made headline news again. He demanded (in writing) that music app Spotify choose between featuring his music or podcasts by Joe Rogan. Rogan is well known as a podcaster and Ultimate Fighting Championship color commentator. He’s also been quite outspoken on the COVID-19 experimental drug program and other political issues. Young apparently disagrees with Rogan. So much so that he told Spotify to choose between his music and Rogan’s podcasts. He said that they can have one or the other but not both. Neil Young has pulled his music from the app.

More celebrity news from actor Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage is most recently recognized for his work on the Emmy-winning show, “Game of Thrones.” He is an actor who has achondroplasia, which is a form of dwarfism. Dinklage launched his outrage on social media platforms across the board when he heard that Disney is going to make a live-action version of “Snow White.” The actor spewed expletives all over the internet, speaking against Disney for their original cartoon version of the story. He said he had no idea what Disney was thinking to portray the seven dwarves as strange little men living in a cave together.

It seems that Dinklange shouted and Disney listened. They actually issued a public statement in response to the actor’s outcry. Disney said it plans on avoiding stereotype mistakes it might have made in the original animated film. This time around, the iconic film company is consulting with “members of the dwarfism community” to take a different approach with the characters in the upcoming, live-action movie.

What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander

Some people might find Dinklage’s outrage a bit peculiar. On one hand, he is saying that the original cartoon “Snow White” was offensive to people with dwarfism. Yet, he himself offered an outlandish portrayal of someone with his condition in a popular Christmas movie. In “Elf,” Dinklage plays Miles Finch. This is a man with dwarfism who makes a fool of himself by jumping up on tables when he’s angry. Dinklage says he refuses all acting roles that want him to play an elf or leprechaun. Yet, there are obviously elves in the movie, “Elf,” making him seem rather duplicitous. Time will tell what the final outcome of the shade he threw at Disney will be when their newest version of “Snow White” hits the box office.

Director Maggie Gyllenhaal directed her real-life husband in an intimate movie scene

In other celebrity news, director Maggie Gyllenhaal is making her directorial debut with “The Lost Daughter,” on Netflix. The film is based on the novel by the same name. It’s a psychological thriller. There’s a scene of intimacy between two of the characters. One of them is being played by Gyllenhaal’s real-life husband. Many actors and actresses have spoken in the past about the strange feeling they get when they see their spouses kissing or acting intimate in movies with other people. This takes that to a whole new level. In “The Lost Daughter,” Gyllenhaal directed her husband’s intimate scene.

Her husband, actor Peter Sarsgaard (How peculiar that they both have a double A in their name!), told reporters that it was a spectacular experience. In fact, he says, he recommends that all married couples who are actors/directors do it. He said it strengthened his marital relationship. Gyllenhaal also had positive things to say about the experience. She said she, at first, thought it would feel odd. Then, she focused on the fact that her husband is perfect for the part, which would help her movie be the best it can be. She also said that the character her husband plays is attracted to the other character’s mind more than her body, which made directing the scene easier for her.

And, there’s your once-in-a-while, small dose of celebrity news so you know all of the “important things” that are going on in the world!

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