Censored again: HCQ, or, Hydroxychloroquine works against COVID-19

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HCQ, or, Hydroxychloroquine works: Why was this hidden from the public - The Hot Mess Press

Healthcare providers have been challenged with finding the best treatments for COVID-19 for over a year now. Certain treatments were politicized which makes it hard for the public to access reliable information. The goal in combating COVID-19 should be to help people get better as quickly as possible. But using a drug that’s relatively affordable and easily accessible doesn’t benefit the pharmaceutical companies. It also doesn’t work to forward to political agenda and hysteria surrounding a pandemic. Hydroxychloroquine works and it has worked from the beginning. But the public was not given this information.

Information was purposely withheld to the detriment of the public

President Trump tried to share the benefits of using HCQ very early on in the pandemic, but the information was censored and removed. Even now, when some of these treatments are mentioned, the posts get fact-checked. There is a group of people out there who do not want citizens to be able to make informed health care decisions. These therapeutic treatments could have saved many lives. Health care workers were shunned, some even fired, for trying to share information about these treatments. You may wonder about the reason for hiding this information? With an effective treatment like HCQ, there would be no need for a vaccine. The experimental vaccine would not have been approved for emergency use. Big Pharma has billions to lose if the vaccine was not put to use.

Follow the money to find the answers

Drug companies are in it for the money, whether the public wants to believe it or not. Healthy people do not make these companies billions of dollars. And, using a cheap and easily accessible therapeutic like HCQ, does not put money in the pockets of those in charge of Big Pharma. So, how do they make their money? One of the latest ways is to rush to create an experimental vaccine. Then, they promote that vaccine heavily and use coercion to get people to take it. The COVID-19 vaccine may not prevent infection. It may not prevent transmission. Plus, it’s not even technically a vaccine in the traditional sense. But it does make a lot of money for drug manufacturers. Hydroxychloroquine works at treating COVID-19, but it’s not a huge moneymaker.

It all comes back to money. Millions of Americans have been swindled into taking an experimental vaccine for a virus that has an extremely low mortality rate. Many health care professionals were not allowed to promote the use of therapeutic drugs to treat the virus. The vaccine is not FDA-approved, but they want you to think it is. HCQ works against COVID-19 and it can save lives. If you lost someone to COVID-19, how do you feel knowing that there was a cheap, readily available, easy-to-administer treatment that may have saved them? This is our reality as the media quiets the truth and money-hungry individuals gain more control.

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