Children don’t need the COVID-19 vaccine

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Children don't need the COVID-19 vaccine - The Hot Mess Press

If you asked a group of parents about signing their healthy child up for an experimental medical treatment, most would absolutely refuse. But once the COVID-19 vaccine was “approved” for children ages 12-15, there were lines of pre-teens and young teens ready for their experimental shot. Those who promote these shots don’t tell us the whole truth. While they claim that it’s approved and safe, that’s not actually true. This vaccine has not been long-term tested on children, teens, or any other age group. It has been rushed through and approved for emergency use, which has much more lenient guidelines. Do parents realize that they are exposing their children to an experimental drug that hasn’t even been tested on animals? This is insanity disguised as a “public safety” effort. Read on to learn why children don’t need the COVID-19 vaccine.

Consider the risks

COVID-19 has never been particularly risky for children and teens. They are at very low risk of getting the virus and the risk of a serious infection is negligible at best. So, why would anyone recommend an experimental vaccine for kids when they are not at risk of getting the disease? The short-term and long-term side effects are completely unknown. Based on some anecdotal evidence, the vaccine may cause fertility issues in the future. Another concern is that some teens have experienced heart problems within 4 days of being vaccinated. Are these heart problems related to the vaccine? We don’t know. But if there is even the smallest chance that they are, why would you put your child at risk?

The vaccine is not tested or FDA-approved

Vaccines go through many stages before FDA approval. First, they are tested on animals. If those results are deemed safe and effective, then the vaccine can be tested on adult humans. But vaccine trials for children are challenging and can often be one of the last steps in FDA approval. Fact-checkers on social media would have you believe that these vaccines are safe and effective. But they can’t provide actual evidence of this because there is none. The clinical trials are ongoing and every pre-teen and child who takes this experimental shot is part of the trials. One of the worst things is that some parts of Canada are actually allowing children to be vaccinated without parental permission, with free ice cream as an incentive. Does anyone actually believe a 12-year-old child is able to consent to medical treatment without parental advice? This is a clear violation of parental rights.

Children don’t need the COVID-19 vaccine. It’s that simple. They are extremely low risk when it comes to getting the virus and when kids are infected, they recover quickly and most with no long-term effects. Depending on natural immunity is so much better than relying on an untested and unproven experimental vaccine to keep your children safe. Weigh the risks of COVID-19 against the potential short-term and long-term effects of the shot. Keep your kids healthy by making sure they get enough vitamins C and D, get them outside in the sunshine and fresh air, and allow them to boost their immune system naturally. Everyone can benefit from learning more about how effective a healthy immune system is at fighting off these common illnesses. The reality is, that for most groups, relying on your natural immunity is a much better and safer option than a COVID-19 vaccine.

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