Choosing eyeglasses? These tips will help!

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Even if you wear contact lenses, you likely have a pair of glasses as well. Choosing eyeglasses nowadays is a LOT different than it was 43 years ago, which is when I got my first pair. In fact, the only difference between most of the frames on the racks back then was whether they were brown or black. There were “wire rims,” too, but girls didn’t wear those.

A few years ago, wearing glasses became trendy, so much so that, even people who don’t really need glasses to correct vision were wearing them anyway. The good thing is, there’s no longer a stigma attached to wearing glasses. There was a time when non-glasses wearing people called those with glasses things like “Four Eyes,” “Specks” or “Poindexter.” (Thankfully, I had nice friends in grade school and no one teased me when I became bespectacled!) It’s 2020. Glasses are chic and are seen as more of an accessory than a hindrance to social popularity. Choosing a pair can be challenging, though.

The shape of your face

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When choosing eyeglasses, if you have a really round face, your best bet is to go with frames that are the opposite. A nice pair of rectangular or square frames will add balance to your features and may also have a slimming effect. What may not work so well is getting round frames for a round face. (Of course, if you happen to see a pair of round frames you like, then you go right ahead and rock ’em, because no one’s judging you around here.)

If you have more of an oval face, the eyeglass experts say you should steer clear from overly large frames. Such frames might throw off the beautiful symmetry of your face, whereas, geometric frames that cover less than half your face work best. Also, choosing eyeglasses with a prominent bridge is a plus for an oval-shaped face.

Boxy frames are a no-no if you have a square-shaped face. Same goes for frames that are too angular. Both types will give a bulky appearance. Oval or round frames that sit high on your nose may be the most visually pleasing with your facial structure. You may have a heart-shaped or diamond face, as well. Whatever shape you have, take it into account when you looking into the mirror and trying on frames.

Choosing eyeglasses and skin tone

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If you were a teen or young adult in the 1980s, you might remember “having your colors done.” For those of you who are too young to relate, this was a fashion exercise to analyze your skin tone, then build a wardrobe to match. Analyzing skin tone helps when choosing eyeglasses, too. Determine whether you’re cool or warm, and go from there.

Warmer skin tones have a golden, bronze or yellow cast while cool skin has blue or pink undertones. Earthy shades of eyeglass frames, such as tortoise, olive green, gold, or beige are best for warm skin-toned people. Cooler tones look great with silver, black, pink, purple, mauve, blue, gray, etc.

Don’t forget to take these things into account

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What’s your lifestyle, job and personality? Each of these are factors to consider when choosing eyeglasses! In fact, you might want to keep several pair of eyeglasses on hand to suit your mood, an activity or outfit for a special event. You might have fun, whimsical glasses you like to wear when you’re hanging out with friends. Come Monday morning, when you head for the office, however, a more conservative, business-style frame might be your choice of the day.

If you’re an outdoorsy, highly active person, you might want frames that are flexible, and can “take a beating” without breaking. Choosing eyeglasses is a fun way to show your mood or to accessorize to fit a certain type of appearance — your studious side, business side or flirtatious side! The bottom line is to choose frames you like that make you feel good when you wear them. And, if those frames happen to conflict with any of the recommendations in this post, then disregard everything here and go with what you love!

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