Christian wedding ideas: Ditch the garter!

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I’ll admit it. When I married my husband more than three decades ago, we included several traditions in our reception festivities because they were the norm. I can’t say that I ever even considered doing things differently. Back then, you just did things the way they were always done. In recent years, I’ve attended weddings and watched videos on social media posted by the adult children of friends. I’m impressed by today’s young couples who break free from (perhaps, cheesy, tasteless) reception traditions. Instead, they’ve personalized their ceremonies and celebrations with some wonderful Christian wedding ideas!

Let’s get straight to it. If you don’t want to have cake smashed in your face, you don’t have to. In fact, you don’t even have to have a cake! Want to ditch the (raunchy?) tradition of having your new spouse slide a garter up your leg, under your dress, while your family and friends watch? Please, feel free to do so!

Why Christian wedding ideas?

For couples who claim Jesus as Lord, it’s only natural to want to focus on His presence on their wedding day. Bachelor parties need not include binge drinking or hired performers committing illicit acts. Christian wedding ideas help brides and grooms celebrate marriage, family and their most important wedding guest: Jesus.

Bridal Party Prayer

As a Christian couple, prayer will hopefully be an integral component of your married life. Why not begin your wedding by inviting your bridal party to pray over you? Groomsmen and bridesmaids can gather round their bride and groom in separate quarters. This is assuming the couple is keeping the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the ceremony. If you’d rather, you can join your spouse-to-be, surrounded by your entire bridal party, as they ask God’s blessing upon you. Some couples call this a “first touch” prayer, and the groom wears a blindfold so he doesn’t see his bride. They join hands and the bridal party places hands over them in prayer.

Candles or sparklers instead of rice

In its origin, tossing rice at newlyweds symbolizes rain. It’s a way to wish a “shower of blessings” of prosperity and fertility upon the happy couple. You can opt against rice or bubble-blowing, choosing Christian wedding ideas instead by using candles or sparklers to symbolize the light of Christ!

Washing of the feet

Remember the beautiful story in the Bible where Jesus washes the feet of His Apostles? Many couples today are ditching the garter toss in favor of a foot washing ceremony. The groom takes a knee and washes the foot of his newly begotten bride as his first act of humble, joyful service to his wife. Adding lovely background music, such as the beautiful hymn “Let Me Be Your Servant,” makes this tradition all the more special.

A special touch to the couple’s first dance

One of the sweetest Christian wedding ideas I’ve seen in recent years occurs during the couple’s first dance. It’s tradition to invite all guests to the dance floor after the bride and groom have danced with each other, their parents, etc. If you want to celebrate and honor marriage as a life-long vow, you might like this tradition. The idea is for the DJ (or whomever you designate to the task) to call out eras of time.  He or she invites couples who have been married more than such-and-such years to stay on the dance floor. Eventually, the longest-married couple in the room will be the only ones dancing. The bride and groom then honor them, perhaps with flowers, a cross or other token gift. A great round of applause congratulates them and places the finishing touch on this beautiful tradition!

Marriage mentors

As a newly married couple, you can benefit from the sage advice and wisdom of those who have trod the path before you! For this tradition, you simply need a basket or other container, as well as slips of paper and pens for your married guests. The idea is for married couples to write notes of encouragement and advice for you and your spouse to read together later. If you want to save their comments, you can opt for a journal-style book for them to write in, instead.

Make your day special

You don’t have to keep age-old traditions that you don’t even like. You can share your joy in Christ as a couple by including Him in your wedding day festivities! Perhaps, you’ve witnessed or participated in Christian wedding ideas that you’d like to tell us about. Feel free to share your stories in the comment box! Traditions aren’t just for wedding days either. (Cue “Fiddler on the Roof” music.) Traditions help families make memories to cherish for a lifetime. What are your family’s favorites?



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