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Several years ago, I contracted bacterial , community-acquired pneumonia. Never in my life have I ever felt so ill. I’m talkin’ unable-to-lift-my-head-off-a-pillow ill. I typically avoid doctors’ offices and hospitals as much as possible. When I had bacterial CAP, I sought medical attention because I literally felt like I was dying. I learned later that this infection is one of the top causes of death in people over age 50 (me) so it’s no joke. Since recovering, which, by the way, took months, I have suffered a chronic cough on a yearly basis. It typically arises in autumn and lasts most of the winter. I recently (happily) discovered that lemon water can be counted among chronic cough remedies!

I’ve met other people who have also survived bacterial pneumonia. (I keep adding ‘bacterial’ to differentiate from viral pneumonia, a much less serious condition.) They too, also struggle with chronic coughs. The funny thing is, I didn’t know that lemon water would help eradicate my cough. I started drinking it daily for other reasons. To boost my immune system and get lots of vitamin C. I had also read about citrus being an energizer. One day, I noticed that I hadn’t been coughing nearly as much as usual. Not long after that realization, I stumbled across an article online regarding the benefits of drinking lemon water. One of them was that it helps quiet a cough!

An old-fashioned remedy

In my youth, if I or any of my siblings had a cough or sore throat, my mother would give us “The Remedy.” She didn’t Google “chronic cough remedies” as we might, today. Mum just did what people did back then.  She’d give us a drink (about a shot glass amount) that consisted of lemon juice, water, honey and a splash of whiskey. My mother would tell us to “sip” it although I’m pretty sure my brothers would guzzle it, then convince her that they needed more. In hindsight, I now understand why “The Remedy” worked so well to quiet a cough. It was lemon water! The honey and whiskey have beneficial properties of their own, so it merely added to the goodness of the cough-quieter concoction.

Lemon water benefits you should know about

Especially, if you have a sweet tooth or are a soda addict, you might want to consider switching to lemon water as your go-to drink. We could do 1,000 posts on how terrible soda and other sugary drinks are for your health. In addition to chronic cough remedies, drinking lemon water has other benefits, as well. Do you struggle to stay hydrated? You might find that drinking water with freshly squeezed lemons in it is easier than sipping plain water all day. I cut my lemon in half but use the entire thing in a 16-18 oz cup.

Earlier, I mentioned that I started drinking lemon water to get more vitamin C in my daily diet. It’s a powerful antioxidant. This powerhouse keeps your blood pressure low. It also helps prevent heart disease and stroke. Vitamin C can prevent or abate a cold. Lemon juice is good for your skin. So is water. Thus, drinking lemon water: Boom! Double skin enhancement!

Keep those kidney stones at bay!

There is ample evidence that drinking lemon water helps prevent kidney stones. I’ve witnessed grown men, curled up in the fetal position, crying like babies due to pain induced by kidney stones. I never, ever want to get one. The possibility of kidney stones is another reason to avoid sugary drinks like soda. Lemon juice contains Citrate, which helps lower acidity in urine. Drinking more water helps flush your kidneys, which is important to prevent stones.

Make chronic cough remedies tasty

Perhaps, you like to switch things up when it comes to flavoring your drinks. You might hesitate to start drinking lemon water because you think you’ll quickly tire of the same flavor. The good news is that you can add in other things to change the flavor a bit. Fresh sprigs of mint work well. You can also add cinnamon or raw honey. If you like the taste of ginger, you can add a dash of that to your lemon water, too.

You don’t have to stop with lemons. Why not combine fruits for a customized flavored drink? Other citrus fruits, like limes or oranges can add zest to your daily dose of lemon water. My daughter loves cucumbers in hers! If you have a chronic, nagging, dry cough, try drinking lemon water every day and see if it helps.

Not medical advice

Nothing in this post is meant to be medical advice nor a substitute for medical advice. It is personal opinion and sharing of anecdotal evidence. Be aware that a chronic cough can be a symptom of an underlying health problem.

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