Communism down under: The fate of Australia

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Communism down under: The fate of Australia - The Hot Mess Press

Australia seems like a cool place to visit. They have beautiful landscapes, interesting animals, and they seem like friendly people who are welcoming to outsiders. But Australia has one main problem that the United States currently doesn’t have. They gave up their right to defend themselves against government overreach. As an island nation/continent, Australia should be able to contain a virus with no problems. And it seems they have done a decent job at keeping infection rates low, but at what cost? The fate of Australia is now in question. Their leaders are going full speed towards a communist regime. The Australian citizens have no way to stand up for themselves and they are in trouble.

Vaccinating kids without parents

Last week I read about Australia’s alarming vaccination idea for children. First of all, children are at very low risk of getting seriously ill with COVID-19. Children should not be vaccinated against COVID-19. There are no long-term studies on effectiveness or safety. An excerpt from an August 6th speech by The Minister of Health and Medical research recently announced a mass vaccination plan for teenagers. And parents aren’t needed. In fact, it seems that the parents aren’t even allowed to go inside with their kids. This scenario seems odd and as a parent, it’s something I would question. I don’t like the idea of volunteering my teenager for an experimental gene therapy shot. It just seems like a bad idea.

Strict lockdown restrictions

There were some very strict lockdown rules announced recently in Australia. To most Americans, these rules seem outrageous. But our government here would love to implement some of the same restrictions, they just seem to understand that we aren’t quite as compliant as the Aussies. Some of the more insane restrictions in New South Wales, a state on the east coast of Australia, include the following:

  • There will be a curfew from 9 PM through 5 AM, except for emergencies, authorized workers, or medical care. (So COVID-19 understands time and won’t infect you during daytime hours.)
  • Outdoor exercise is limited to one hour per day. (Exercise, an essential part of staying healthy and keeping your immune system strong, is now being limited.)
  • Many retailers must close completely except for online orders and pickup. (Small businesses can’t operate this way, so many will likely close permanently.)

The fate of Australia is in question. Citizens are forced to stay home and businesses have to remain closed. There is a big problem when citizens of a free nation submit to government overreach. Once you follow their extreme restrictions and submit your freedom in the process, it’s very hard to get that back. As Americans, we need to pay close attention to Australia. While we aren’t there yet, it could happen here. So far, we’ve retained our rights to protect ourselves from a power-hungry government. We have to remain in power. It’s important to remember that the power of the people is stronger than that of our government. Fight back and don’t give in to lockdowns or strict regulations. Soon, we could be in the same position as Australia and once control is gained by the government it’s never given back willingly.

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