Controversial news: Planes did not cause 9/11

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Today was the eighteenth memorial of the terrorist attacks that infiltrated the United States in 2001. Radical Islamists launched these attacks and committed jihad against the U.S. in the name of their religion. Towers crumbled to the ground in New York. People died, many after suffering horrific pain and fright. In a controversial news post on social media today, a writer for the NY Times claimed “airplanes took aim” at the towers to bring them down.

As you might expect, the Twitter post sparked immediate upheaval. Subsequent Tweets began pouring in, many stating that the writer’s claim was as ridiculous as Representative Ilhan Omar’s statement that “some people did something” when she described the same tragic events a while back.

NY Times reacts to the controversial news post

The Times reportedly did not respond right away when others sent requests for comment. The news mogul did, in fact, delete the Tweet though, or rather, update it. The newer version did not contain the sentiments that many, by that time, were calling idiotic, insensitive and offensive. Tweeters launched a barrage of counter posts, reminding subscribers and perhaps, the NY Times, that “planes” did not cause the towers to fall.

People who were sworn enemies of the United States and of all Americans caused the towers to fall. Some might consider that controversial news. The people who hijacked the planes are terrorists and they caused many others to die. Their acts of aggression caused families to lose loved ones. Acts of malice caused children to grow up without parents. Spouses lost their life partners. The terrorist attack against this nation caused unspeakable grief.

Why do people like Omar and the Times’ writer say such things?

You have to ask yourself why a writer or government official would minimize one of the gravest acts of aggression against the United States that has ever been committed? Why say, “Some people did something” or “airplanes took aim at the towers” instead of telling it like it is: Terrorists hijacked American planes and flew them into the towers in New York, as well as the Pentagon.

Why not also say that another plane hit the ground that day? Terrorists took command of the aircraft. However, brave and noble Americans on board rushed the cockpit and saved us all from another attack, perhaps on the Capitol building itself. Why do the facts become controversial news while the news and others in the public spotlight water it all down?

Controversial news is okay as long as its honest

Writers don’t always have to agree. Government officials definitely don’t always see eye to eye. Readers of online news or social media posts can handle controversial news, but what I think most people are sick and tired of is yellow journalism. People can handle opinions that differ.

They don’t want to be lied to and they certainly don’t want writers, reporters or state representatives acting like it wasn’t a big deal that terrorists from a nation abroad learned how to fly American jets for the sole purpose of killing Americans. It happened and it is a big deal.


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