Cornstarch not only a staple for cooking: 9 other uses

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Cornstarch and corn

Cornstarch is a staple in any kitchen. We use it in puddings, thickening sauces, and crisp coatings on stir-fry meat and onion rings. Did you know that scientists have worked out how to use this milled corn for controlling pests? Furthermore, it is indispensable in the manufacturing of paper, coatings and adhesives. However, you won’t need to be on Chem101’s active learning platform to make full use of this starch.

Vegan Roll, Cornstarch

Vegans can swap cornstarch for eggs

Let’s stay in the kitchen for the first cornstarch hack. If you are a Vegan, you can replace the eggs in many recipes for baked items with a cornstarch and water mixture. Ratios vary, but for most recipes you can use three tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of cornstarch to replace each egg. Importantly, never add the cornstarch mixture to the other ingredients without ensuring it is properly dissolved, else you’ll have lumps of cornstarch.

Sunburn, cartoon man

Soothe the sting of sunburn with cornstarch

Make a paste with cornstarch and water, and dab it on the sunburned areas. Wait a while before soaking in a tub with lukewarm water. Furthermore, you can prevent the friction of the bed linen on your skin by sprinkling cornstarch between the sheets. It will cause a silky texture against your scorched skin.

Cornstarch, woman
You can make dry shampoo

Dry shampoo fix between shampoos

A quick magic fix if you don’t have time to wash your hair before a date or if you overslept and have to rush to get to work in time. Mix one part of baking soda with two parts of cornstarch. Dab some of the mixture near the roots of your hair and brush it through. The fake dry shampoo will absorb any oil in your hair.

Mosquito, sting

Take the itch and sting out of bug bites

Do as Granny did and make a poultice — a thick paste of cornstarch and water. Gently cover the itchy or stinging spot and leave it to dry.

Cornstarch, heel blisters

Prevent foot blisters

New shoes, or going sock less is a winning recipe for blisters. You can prevent it by dusting your feet and the insides of your shoes with cornstarch. You need very little to absorb sweat and avoid friction.

Woman, underarm
Make your own natural deodorant

Make your own deodorant

Store-bought deodorants are full of chemicals that could cause irritation. Similarly, cancer patients whose skin is tender from radiation treatment may want to avoid using deodorants with chemicals. The solution is an equal mixture of cornstarch and baking soda. Use a cotton ball or large makeup brush to apply your DIY deodorant.

Silver vase
Use a natural cleaner for silver

Ideal household cleanser

Use this multipurpose natural cleaning agent for various purposes. For example, make a paste of it with water to rub on silver. Let it dry and use a soft cloth to buff it to a beautiful shine. Another trick is to dilute a bit of cornstarch in a spray bottle with water. Spray it on glass and then rinse with clear water and dry it for a sparkling finish. Cornstarch can also absorb layers of furniture polish on wood. Sprinkle dry cornstarch and then use some elbow grease to give the furniture a good rubdown to see the natural shine instead of a fake polish shine.

Dog, long fur
Detangle your dog’s hair

Does your dog have a long curly fur coat?

When the long fur of your dog gets matted, you can remove the tangles. Rub the dog generously with dry cornstarch and use a slicker brush. Brush from the fur’s tips and gradually brush from the bottom to the top.

Oobleck, Purple

Cornstarch can even bring fun and laughter

Join your kids for a bit of fun. Show them how to make their own Slime or Oobleck. Take one cup of water, colored with food coloring. Mix it with two cups of cornstarch. Let them use their hands to press the mixture in a ball, only to change back into a liquid when they let go. Squish it through a strainer to make squiggles. Make sure to teach the kids to throw it in the trash once they’re done playing. They can wash it off their hands with warm water, but letting the Oobleck rinse into the drain will cause clogging.

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