Coronavirus epidemic: Expert says ending quarantine is best

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If you or someone you know is an epidemiologist, then you are no doubt aware of the scientific field of study such a career involves. For those who may be unaware, an epidemiologist is basically an expert on the occurrence, spread and control of disease. Who hasn’t read, researched, studied or analyzed the coronavirus epidemic in the past several months? The problem is, an astounding number of people consider “research and study” to be equated with “watching CNN or reading online news headlines and Facebook.”

Fake news. Faulty news. Politically-driven news. (And, some might suggest outright propaganda!) We’ve been inundated for weeks now. It’s no secret that sorting through the hogwash to get to the REAL information is a great challenge. As a society, we’ve surrendered many of our rights and privileges “for the sake of the common good.” Federal, state and local governments have “strongly recommended” and, in some places, mandated quarantine at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone was simply accepting that until in-walked Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D. and veteran scholar of epidemiology.

Wittkowski calls for end to coronavirus epidemic quarantine

The interview that takes place with Doctor Wittkowski in the video you’ll find at the end of this post is approximately 40 minutes long. If you’re up for tossing nearly everything the media, government and others have recommended for eradicating coronavirus to the wind, then you won’t want to miss it. Allow me to summarize it for you now, however, in case you won’t have 40 minutes to spare until later. (Although, announcing to your family that they should not disturb you for the next 40 minutes because you have important matters to attend isn’t such a bad idea now, is it? ::winks::)

Doctor Wiitkowski adamantly believes that we could “exterminate” coronavirus in a matter of weeks. Guess how? Wait for iiiiit…

By ending the quarantine!

Yes, you read it right. Wiitkowski, who is an expert in the study of occurrence, spread and control of disease, says the worst thing we can do under the circumstances is to shut ourselves off from everyday life in the world around us. To be more specific, he means the worst thing we can do is to stay away from other people!

Those who have been in control of the campaign to end  the coronavirus epidemic have promoted the phrase “flatten the curve” as their slogan. When you watch Wiitkowski’s interview, however, you’ll learn that  most epidemiologists might agree that quarantining merely extends the lifespan of a virus. It will continue to spread, albeit at a slower pace. On the other hand (says Wiitkowski and others who support his assertions) continuing our normal, everyday lives would speed up the process, as well as create natural herd immunity for the future.

A few words about herd immunity

Herd immunity occurs when a significant portion of a given population contracts and successfully overcomes a contagious disease. In cases of viruses such as coronavirus, a majority of people will experience minor symptoms, some so minor that those affected will never even realize they were exposed. Most will survive. When this happens, those who have survived develop natural immunity against the contagion, thus stopping its spread.

Some people, especially those with vested interests in the pharmaceutical industry, claim that vaccination creates herd immunity. We all know what a button to ignite controversy we click if we travel down that hot-topic slope. There are typically at least two sides (sometimes more) to every debatable topic. Many people believe that because such vaccinations often contain live viruses, those who receive them can shed a virus, which can then continue spreading. Such people say that developing natural (meaning, non-vaccine induced) herd immunity is the best way to eradicate human-contact transmitted infections. There’s also evidence to suggest 19 out of every 20 people would have to receive the exact same vaccinations to create population-wide immunity.

Is Wiitkowski genius or crazy?

At the start of 2020, the U.S. economy was arguably stronger than it has been in centuries, if not its entire history. Coronavirus, quarantine, job lay-offs and the closing of churches and schools have driven a knife straight through the heart of American commerce and trade. Is it worth it? Wiitkowski says when we finally do go back to life as usual, coronavirus is going to strike again and again because we didn’t allow it to run its course.

Do you think he’s sharing wisdom and sage advice or lunacy? I mean, think of it. If we were to follow Wiitkowski’s recommendations to immediately end the quarantine, we’d go back to work, return to school, worship in church, see our friends, and not have to drive 45 miles to find a roll of toilet paper! On top of that, Wiitkowski isn’t the only one saying things aren’t what they seem. Many people are questioning why, if there’s such a supposed high rate of infection occurring throughout the nation, are self-proclaimed investigative reporters finding empty emergency rooms, parking lots, testing tents and triage centers across the country? Where are the alleged long lines of desperately ill people?

Are we merely delaying the inevitable?

It’s a fact that the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are at great risk from the coronavirus epidemic or any other illness for that matter. We must protect them as best we can. If Wiitkowski and other epidemiologists are correct, however, quarantine isn’t the answer to our prayers; it’s merely slowing the spread of a contagion. It’s delaying the inevitable. When we return to life outside our homes, coronavirus will be there, waiting. Waiting to strike again because we slowed the spread instead of allowing it to run its course.

We all want to stop the madness. The problem is that we don’t know what the madness actually is. Is it claims like Wiitkowski is making? Or, maybe — just maybe, is it the quarantine?

If you’d like to view Dr. Wittkowski’s full interview, you can do so, here.

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