Could strict COVID-19 vaccine rules be the end of the NFL?

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Could strict COVID-19 vaccine rules be the end of the NFL? - The Hot Mess Press

As the push for COVID-19 vaccines gets more intense around the country, more people are speaking out against them. The demand for vaccines has gone down recently. This is likely because most people who wanted one lined up as soon as it was possible. But our government just can’t accept that people are happy with their vaccinated or non-vaccinated status. They are now getting more aggressive with pushing vaccines. This isn’t just towards the general public, but the push for a higher vaccination rate is also being promoted for professional athletes. And now, some are fighting back. The NFL has some very strict rules for players who don’t want to get vaccinated. When you consider the player outrage against these policies, coupled with the issues the NFL has faced over the past two years, we may be witnessing the end of the NFL.

Vaccine coercion

The NFL has taken a very extreme angle on vaccinating players. They have released some very strict and unreasonable regulations for players who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19. And many players are fed up with it. Some are even considering leaving the game because they don’t want to risk their health for an experimental vaccine. Cole Beasley, a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, has stated that he would rather retire than be forced into taken the COVID-19 shot. He also claims that there are many other players who feel the same way, but they aren’t in the position to speak up.

NFL declines in popularity

Political grandstanding has led many die-hard fans to stop watching the NFL. In general, it seems that many people simply aren’t as infatuated with celebrities and popular sports figures anymore. They aren’t relatable and they just don’t seem to enjoy what they do. Many of the current sports figures are so concerned with getting their political views out there, that they can’t even focus on the game anymore. Once players started kneeling during the national anthem, fans began to realize just how out of touch they are with the average person. These players are privileged. They’re not oppressed. They live in mansions, drive expensive cars, and don’t have to worry about the everyday struggles that most people go through. What are they complaining about?

The NFL has seen its viewership decline significantly over the past few years. Woke players aren’t fun to watch. Nobody tunes into a football game to see privileged players attempt to make a political statement. Now, the NFL has taken its progressiveness a step further. They are imposing some very severe restrictions on players who choose not to get the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. Could these factors lead to the end of the NFL?

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