Crazy things found in backyards

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A dear friend of mine recently relocated to Florida. (If you’re considering buying a new house, this HM article might help.) I’m so happy for her and her husband because it has been their dream for many years. I’ve been delighting in following my friend’s Facebook posts as she shares a glimpse of her new lifestyle through stories and photographs. Yesterday, it was the photograph part that blew my mind and prompted me to do this post on crazy things found in backyards.

My friend’s new home apparently includes a large pond. One day, she shared a video of a large, beautiful turtle that was coming to the surface. The next day, she showed two exotic looking white birds milling about the grounds. But, yesterday did me in. Yesterday was the day my friend showed another video of (presumably) the same pond where Mr. Turtle had recently been making an appearance. Yesterday, the main character of the film was an ALLIGATOR!

Of all the crazy things to have in a backyard!

crazy things, alligator in swampy flora
Imagine finding THIS in your backyard!

My kids and I spent quite some time trying to fathom what it might be like to step outside our door only to find an ALLIGATOR in our yard. If the alligator can be in the pond, it can also come onto the land. What does one do when one is, let’s say, pulling weeds or chatting with a neighbor and Mr. Alligator (who likely already ate Mr. Turtle) decides to emerge for a little stroll around the property?!? Alligators are amazing creatures, but I’m not sure I’d want one in my yard!

Alligators aren’t the only crazy things people find in backyards

Thinking about my friend and her new backyard “critters,” I wanted to find out what other types of crazy surprises people have found in their yards.

crazy things, cheetah
An animal like this was eating a boy’s bike!

In 2008, there was a 9-year-old boy playing in his yard in England. The child suddenly ran into his house, telling his mother there was a cheetah outside! As it turns out, there was! When the boy’s mother went to check, she saw the cheetah, which was chewing the child’s bicycle to bits! Local zookeepers later said the animal had escaped but was harmless and was likely only playing with the boy’s bike. (?!?)

Swimming pool excavation reveals a shocking find

pile of skulls
Wonder how many yards have bodies buried in them?

If you were to survey 100 people to ask what crazy things they think others have found in their backyards, chances are some would jokingly say “dead bodies.”

Well, that happens to be exactly what a particular gentleman found when he was digging a large hole for a new swimming pool. The hole reportedly contained 13 coffins with human remains in each of them. It was determined that the caskets were more than 300 years old!

Crazy things people find while gardening

gems and crystals
Are there valuable jewels in your backyard?

A lot of people have vegetable gardens, some larger than others. I would venture to say, however, that not a lot of people find 65 carat emeralds in their gardens, although that’s exactly what one man found!

He was checking on his cornstalks when he saw something in a nearby pit, which wound up being a rare and valuable gem!

There are crazy things in Canadian backyards, too

crazy things, machine gun
Imagine finding a fully loaded firearm in your yard!

A man in Canada was doing some yard work between a fence that lined his property and his garage. As he was clearing out the area, he found a pillow case. While it might not seem so odd to you that someone found a pillow case in a backyard, you might be surprised to learn that there was a cell phone and fully loaded machine gun inside of it!

Is the sky falling in Bosnia?

There are many stories about crazy things people find in backyards. We’re going to close with a notable discovery that is said to have occurred in Bosnia.

A man there is said to have found six meteorites in his backyard! This one definitely raises an eyebrow, right? I mean, finding one meteorite would be crazy enough, but six? Did they all simultaneously drop out of the sky at the same time in the same place, or did a collection of meteorites build up over time as one after another pummeled to earth, landing in the same man’s backyard?

Have you ever found something crazy in a backyard? Eager Hot Mess readers want to know!

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