Creative ways to earn money: Poop alert!

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If you’re like many Hot Mess Press readers, part of your list for goals in 2020 might include thoughts about income. Are you trying to come up with creative ways to earn money? Who doesn’t want more money? I typically avoid thinking or talking about finances because I feel stressed when I focus on it. I’d rather live life, do my best and hope for the rest. I know. If a financier were to analyze my philosophy, he or she would likely label me a financial disaster waiting to happen. It’s not as bad as it sounds, however, because I have been able to raise my family on my husband’s primary income, supplemented by my own work-from-home endeavors.

That said, I’m always on the lookout for creative ways to earn money because, why not? I’m sure you’re already aware of the “traditional” ideas, such as starting a daycare in your home (a LOT more stressful than it sounds). You may have already tried catering or selling stuff on eBay. Any means (that is legal and not immoral) that you can find for earning income gets a thumbs up in my book. For now, let’s talk about a few possible options you might not have considered.

The Census Bureau is looking for help

You know how, when your kids were young, you’d tell them the story of Jesus’s birth? There would always be the part about Caesar Agustus demanding that the world be counted. This is the reason Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem. Okay, well, guess what? The government still demands that the world (or, at least, the United States) be counted. The Census Bureau is currently hiring. I learned this during a recent visit at my mother’s. My eldest brother was saying that workers are earning more than $20 per hour to “count people.”

We did discuss the distinct possibility that a census taker would likely have to travel in some pret-ty-sketch-y neighborhoods. After all, the field workers are being sent out to count the people who didn’t fill out and send in the counting documents they received in the mail. I admit I visited the website to check out the types of jobs that are available. You might want to apply if field work, office work or phone work interests you.

Want to deliver food for places that don’t deliver?

There’s an app (perhaps you have it on your phone) that you can use to request food delivery. The unique thing about it is that you can deliver food from places that don’t deliver! It’s not as confusing as it sounds. You use the app to order your food. Then, the place that doesn’t deliver subcontracts the delivery to workers who have signed up for jobs through the same app. If you’re looking for creative ways to earn money and you have a car or bicycle, this might be the job for you! I actually know someone who does it and she typically makes $15 per delivery plus a few cents per mile in gas money. You can also choose your mile zone, meaning, how far you’re willing to travel to deliver food.

Are you in need of a professional animal waste removal service?

That’s a really fancy way of saying that some smart folks are making money from scooping poop. If you don’t mind cleaning up after your house pets or farm animals, you might not need the service. BUT — you might be game to scoop poop for others who aren’t so keen on the idea. A friend of mine has eight kids. They recently launched an animal waste removal business as a family. Need some poop scooped? Give them a call!

What are your ideas for creative ways to earn money?

I admire creative thinkers. People who come up with great topics for written articles are the bomb. Clever puns or poetic song lyrics amaze me. The same goes for entrepreneurism. When I hear about someone who has come up with a unique way to earn money, I applaud them. I once had a friend whose son used to help an elderly neighbor repair a lawn mower from time to time. Before this young man turned 18, he had a full-fledged lawn mower repair business. He had to stop accepting new clients because business was so good.

A pair of sisters I knew long ago used to make TONS of money decorating indoors and outdoors for wealthy women. They would visit “rich” neighborhoods and gain a client or two. Word traveled fast. They’d soon have a long list of customers. They would give my friends blank checks and say, “Make my house look the best!” My friends would charge by the hour, and they raked in big bucks! Have you thought of some creative ways to earn money? Tell us about it in the comments!


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