Current Administration Seems Plagued with Issues

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It seems every day, there is a new scandal breaking concerning what is occurring in the Trump Administration. Most recently, President Trump’s attorney is purportedly facing a criminal investigation though there have not been any details regarding exactly why. Recently, there was speculation that prosecutors are looking for information to support allegations that women who may have had a relationship with the president were paid off to keep from discussing their relationships.

This most recent scandal is the latest in what has been called “a witch hunt” by the president’s supporters and vindication by those who have opposed him. Currently, there are still ongoing investigations over whether President Trump had knowledge of any collusion with the Russian government over the 2016 election. Facebook was called on the carpet to answer for allowing foreigners to post political advertisements that were supposedly meant to influence voters with false information.

Along with these scandals, there has been much speculation over the constant turnover in cabinet members. There have been several high-profile departures involving key figures in the administration. The Secretary of State was ousted along with 11 other members. The most recent has been the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. He had served under President Obama and reportedly had been struggling to maintain a professional discord with the current president.

David Shulkin allegedly blamed a chaotic and dysfunctional environment for his ouster, though it appears that there were concerns over ethnic violations that lead to his replacement. The National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster was recently replaced, though this was purportedly an agreed upon change. He served an estimated 413 days. Rex Tillerson, who was the Secretary of State, was dismissed after he supposedly referred to the President in a less than flattering manner.

There have been other departures, some that seemed to occur as a natural change in job and life circumstances while others seemed to have to do with personality conflicts. Along with these constant shakeups, there have been other prominent congressional leaders who have either expressed dismay at the current workings of the administration while others have decided to exit the political arena, the most recent was the announcement from the Speak of the House, Paul Ryan, who announced he would not seek re-election.

About the same time that all of these other changes and controversy have arisen, there has been a parallel scandal over the questionable actions of white house staff or support personnel over concerns of sexual harassment or abuse. Again, there was a member the administration who somehow passed background checks in spite of having been accused of domestic violence.

It is not uncommon for any administration to experience difficulties as a president settles into his role. However, the current president seems to draw more attention – possibly due to his previous career as a reality-TV personality and his tendency to take to social media to express his opinions or discuss public policy. It remains to be seen how far any of the legal troubles will reach.


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