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There are certainly days when it seems like the world could use a lot more cuteness. I recently drove through a nearby town (I live in the woods, so  I don’t really have a town.) and every person I saw looked miserable. It almost became a source of distracted driving because I found myself scanning surroundings to search for a happy face. Okay, I actually would have settled for pleasant face or even non-miserable face. It was definitely a day when the world could have used a lot more cute things.

By cute things, I mean things you see that immediately make you say, “Awwwwwww!” in a that-is-so-cute-it-is-melting-my-heart kind of way. After the drive that made me think they should have named that particular Maryland town “Morose,” I began to ponder how rare it is to see sweet moments unfolding in public nowadays.

Undeniably cute things I wish I’d see more often

Thankfully, I have a collection of recent memories where I had, in fact, witnessed some cute things in public. It helped make up for the everyone-in-this-town-looks-like-they-are-half-dead-or-about-to-go-ballistic-on-society day, which truly left me feeling utterly fatigued and depressed by the time I was done running errands. Here’s a list of heart-melting cute things to make you smile (in case your town also happens to be in a rut):

  • Elderly couples holding hands while they walk — I recently saw a man and woman who were likely in their late eighties, happily strolling through the mall, smiling and chatting as though they were 25 and were on their first date. SO cute.
  • Kittens — We rescued a feral cat that was wounded this past summer and she gave birth to six kittens some weeks later. We couldn’t even walk past momma and her babies without uttering a collective ‘awwwwww.’
  • Pretty much anything daddies do with their babies — daddy/baby scenes definitely rank highest on most people’s lists of cute things. Think of how your heart melts if you see a dad lifting his baby high up over his head as baby giggles with delight.
  • Daddies, all snuggled up and napping with their babies — I told you there were multiple daddy/baby cuteness options.
  • And, what about daddies dancing with their little girls?
  • Speaking of babies, who can resist the ecstatic gaze of an infant that is smiling into a mother’s eyes? There aren’t many cute things cuter than that!

I’m so glad I have grandchildren because I can satisfy a need for cuteness any time! In fact, being a Grammy is like owning a controlling share in ‘cute things’ stock. When I’m not with my grand-kids, however, the pleasure of a chance cuteness sighting has become a rarity. I believe people’s doldrums would be less prevalent if they would focus more on gratitude in life. Perhaps, being more mindful of cuteness might help.

What cute things make you say, “Awwww?”

Maybe we should lobby for a National Cute Things Day. Everyone can flood social media sites with memes and photos and posts about their favorite cute things. I, for one, would rather scroll through these types of posts than those featuring crazy people at town hall meetings telling political candidates that we need to become cannibals to eradicate global warming.

Let’s start a cute things trend. Perhaps, the inhabitants of the Town of Morose will read this. Then, the next time I drive through their neighborhood, at least one person might be smiling. I’d even settle for one person ‘not scowling.” It’s worth a try, right? Leave a comment and share the cute things that never fail to make you say, “Awwwwww.”

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