Dandelions are more than just a weed

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Many people see dandelions in their yard and immediately start thinking about how to get rid of them. We’ve been conditioned to think of dandelions as annoying weeds. People spend a lot of money on sprays and lawn treatments to eliminate dandelions. But these so-called “weeds” are simply misunderstood. Dandelions are more than just a weed. They are actually very useful and nutritious. If you have dandelions in your yard, once you learn more about them, you may value them rather than look for ways to eliminate them.

The whole plant is useful

It’s only recently that dandelions got their negative connotation. Humans have been using them for hundreds of years due to how easy they are to grow and the health benefits they may offer. If you harvest dandelions from your yard, you can use virtually the entire plant. The leaves, roots, and blossoms are all edible. You can make tea from dandelion roots and you can eat the leaves and blossoms. The dandelion is an amazing plant full of nutrients. Regularly eating dandelions may reduce inflammation, help control blood sugar, and support healthy digestion.

The benefits of utilizing the dandelion

You may wonder why we’ve been taught that dandelions are a nuisance. Many of those in the holistic healing world believe that natural healing ideas are hidden because the powers that be don’t want people to be in charge of their own health. This may seem crazy to some. Surely, a government would want its people to be healthy. But when you consider the amount of money made every year by Big Pharma, and look into how many of our elected officials and others in control have their money invested in pharmaceutical companies, it all starts to make sense. If you are able to take care of common ailments with natural cures, these companies lose money. I’m not discounting the many advancements of modern medicine as they can help people with serious illnesses. But in many cases, you may be able to find a treatment in your own backyard.

Think twice before you spray those dandelions in your backyard. These lovely yellow and green plants are considered a superfood and are a prized addition to the medicinal garden. Dandelions are more than just a weed. They are tasty and may help fight back against many common ailments. Consider encouraging dandelions to grow in your yard and use the plant in many ways to better your health.

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