Dangers Children Face on the Internet

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Your family has a technology personality because you likely have multiple forms of electronics in your home. Be aware of the dangers children face on the internet.

Some people live without electronics although they’re exceptions to the norm. Many schools have replaced pencil and paper with tablets and laptops. Children as young as seven or eight often have access to the internet. Electronics versus internet access is a key issue because the latter can be quite harmful.

Be cognizant of dangers children face on the internet

You might be proud of your tech-savvy children who can upload, download and create HTML like pros. That’s understandable but the following list shows many online risks that may place your family in harm’s way:

  • Your child may unknowingly download malware. This can spark a breach of your bank account or other financial information.
  • Cyber-bullying has led to many youth suicides in the recent past. Your children are greatly at risk when using social media or playing online games.
  • Dangers children face on the internet often involve predators. Children who think they’re interacting with kids may be engaging in conversation with adults who prey upon minors.
  • Your kids may unknowingly compromise your family’s privacy. A child might post photos or share information you don’t want anyone to see.
  • Internet posts remain indefinitely accessible to others. Kids often lack the maturity needed to censor their own writing.
  • Many people in today’s world suffer from online addictions; in fact, no one is completely immune from such danger.Your children can become addicted to their cell phones. This type of addiction plagues many adults, as well. Pornography addiction ranks high on the list of potential dangers associated with the internet. Accessibility to lewd materials is ever-present online and this goes for children as well as adults.

Reduce dangers children face on the internet

You probably dread arguing with your children over the internet. Just remember that you are responsible for their safety. Dangers children face on the internet often involve physical safety although your children’s emotional and spiritual well-being are also at risk. Children who have internet access are far less likely to play outdoors as well as visit libraries or engage in physical activity. This can negatively affect their health. By restricting internet access, you can encourage kids to engage in other wholesome, healthy activities.

Safety doesn’t necessarily have to mean zero access

The internet can be beneficial for children who know how to safely and properly use it. Parents must question whether someone as young as seven or eight needs access. It’s never a good idea to allow internet activity without parental  supervision.

If dangers children face on the internet harm you

It often takes a tragedy to convince parents of dangers children face on the internet. If something bad happens, don’t be afraid to reach out for support because local law enforcement can often be of assistance. Speaking with a licensed counselor or faith leaders in your community may be helpful, as well. There are also recovery support groups available in most communities to help with issues, such as addiction rehabilitation.

The internet is useful but can also be quite dangerous. You can improve safety by being cautious and proactive and also by prohibiting minors from unsupervised access. It doesn’t make you a bad parent and it might actually help your whole family in many ways!


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