Deciding to Homeschool: Is it right for you?

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Are you on the fence about whether to homeschool? Does fear of the unknown, self-doubt or social prejudice cause you to hesitate? While deciding to homeschool may be seem like a radical change, it can also be a rewarding experience that enables children to reach their fullest learning potentials. If you want to “dive in” but are afraid to get your feet wet, the following ideas may give you the courage to “take the plunge!”

It’s not for everyone but might be perfect for you

The homeschooling lifestyle is not ideal for everyone. Each family is unique and there are many reasons a family may choose or not choose to provide an education for their children at home. The reasons you may think you should not homeschool may not actually be obstacles after-all. For instance, if you are hesitant in deciding to homeschool because you do not have a college degree or think you are too impatient with your children to teach them, or have heard horror stories about lack of socialization, you may just need to do a little investigating to alleviate your fears. Choosing to homeschool is an individual decision based on a family’s personalized needs and goals. There is wide room for diversity and opportunity for all.

Knowing what to teach and where to get books when deciding to homeschool

Taking on the responsibility of choosing curriculum may seem daunting to those who are new to homeschooling. You may be surprised to learn about the seemingly endless amount of resources and assistance available to homeschooling parents that allows them to customize learning plans to suit the needs of their family and encourage a true passion for learning. It can be very liberating to know that you are in control and can select the products, supplies and teaching tools that work best for your children.

What about sports, friends and the social factor?

Simply talking to other homeschooling families may immediately squelch any worry you have regarding a perceived lack of socialization or athletic opportunities in a homeschooling environment. In fact, many homechoolers will tell you that they have found more time to socialize and participate in sports since deciding to teach their children at home. State regulations regarding sports vary and every community is teeming with creative ideas for interacting with others. The old adage, “where there’s a will there’s a way” is certainly applicable to this aspect of the homeschooling lifestyle.

In short, take time to consider your family goals, check out the homeschooling laws in your state and strike up a conversation with those who have gone before you to help you determine whether homeschooling is a viable option for your family. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that your worries were unfounded and homeschooling is indeed the wonderful family-learning lifestyle you hoped it would be! The good news is, the choice is reversible when deciding to homeschool. If you try it for a while and determine that it’s not for you, you can re-enter the discernment process to explore other academic options.

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