Do Not Litter: This Dude Took It to a Whole New Level

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Growing up in Pennsylvania, I often saw signs along the roadways. A common one featured bold letters, commanding, “Do Not Litter!” with some fine print about being hit with a $300 fine for disregarding the bold print.

I think it’s logical to assume that most kids have parents or other adults in their lives who, at some point, teach them the basics of planet care. Those who are Christians likely discuss being good stewards of God’s creation. Even toddlers can grasp the concept of placing garbage in a proper trash receptacle rather than littering.

This guy apparently missed the ‘Do Not Litter’ memo

The VIRAL Facebook page recently shared this video:

When you click play, you might think you’re merely watching a community service worker do his job. The scene opens with a definite “Do Not Litter” flare. As we watch events unfold, we see a uniformed worker, sweeping a city street.

That’s when it starts to go down

Keep your eye on the vehicle that is nearest the service worker. Watch the guy who is sitting behind the wheel. He’s tossing trash out of his car window AS the worker is sweeping the street! Like, “SERIOUSLY, DUDE! HAVE YOU NO CLASS?!?” Our man, the service worker, keeps on truckin’. In fact, he doesn’t even flinch.

While Nasty Guy keeps right on chuckin’ garbage out his driver’s side window, Community Service Worker Guy keeps right on cleanin’ up his nasty mess.

That is, until DO NOT LITTER superhero man arrives

When I saw what happens next in this video, I felt a mix of emotions that hovered somewhere between, “I cannot believe what I just witnessed and DANG! We need more of HIM on the planet!”

Check out the slow, suave approach of ‘Mr. Business Man” as he calmly strides toward Community Service Worker Guy. In the smoothest don’t-worry-dude-I’ve-got-your-back move I’ve ever seen, Mr. Business Man gently takes Community Service Worker Guy’s broom and dustpan.

He then goes full-out DO NOT LITTER on Nasty Guy

I don’t know about you, but when I watched the next part of this video that quickly went viral, I at first thought Mr. Business Man was simply paying it forward — doin’ a good deed — helpin’ Community Service Worker Guy out. I DID NOT SEE IT COMING.

Mr. Business Man carefully sweeps up the mess that has now built up in the street from Nasty Guy’s littering barrage. Before he hands the broom and dustpan back to Community Service Worker Guy, however, he DUMPS the trash back into Nasty Guy’s car, likely landing it all over the dude’s lap! That’s when Mr. Business Man became my new hero.

He took DO NOT LITTER to a whole new level

Next time you’re tempted to toss a gum wrapper out of your car window, think of Mr. Business Man. In fact, you can show this Do Not Litter video to your kids to give them a few pointers, as well.

My favorite part comes at the very end of the film when Nasty Guy, who now has his own garbage all over himself, points a finger out the window at Mr. Business Man. MBM boldly returns the gesture, like, “Back at ya’, dude. DON’T mess with me and DO NOT LITTER, ever again!”




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