Do success addicts prefer praise over happiness?

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Can success addicts be happy? Success is excellent and just like enjoying a glass of wine in itself, it is not a bad thing. Both success and wine can bring sweetness and fun to life. However, this is only possible if they compliment the love and friendship relationships we have. As soon as anything becomes a substitute for relationships, it becomes a bad thing that can jeopardize happiness.

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Attempting the impossible

What is a success addict?

Success addicts take pride in overcoming all odds in their quest to accomplish seemingly impossible goals. Whether it is as a business executive, student or athlete. They have unbelievable cravings for success and achievements. They typically disregard the needs of loved ones while they focus on the task of creating planned results. Many success addicts have tendencies to take risks in their obsessions to be successful. They work on never-ending quests for more success and admirable achievements. However, there is always more to achieve, leaving them incapable of happiness and perpetually unsatisfied.

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Why call them success addicts?

Although success is not a medical addiction like substance abuse, it could lead to that. Praise stimulates success addicts. They believe being special, and an achiever is more important than to be liked and have a circle of friends. For them, quitting is as difficult as it is for those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. The physical and psychological impact of getting off the success treadmill is agonizing. Like substance abusers, giving up often leads to anxiety and depression. Those addicted to success believe they have nothing to live for if they are not pursuing even more success.

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Success vs. happiness

Success addicts do not allow human relationships to distract them from their quests. For them, success means more than love and going to recitals or Little League games. They are blind to the needs of their children and spouses. In fact, many success addicts forego marriage because they are already married to their careers. No one can convince them that good, loving relationships could be more satisfying than their jobs.

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Success addicts compare their achievements with things that make the rest of the world’s people happy. They argue that anyone can go on family vacations and relax with friends at a barbecue, while very few people could match their achievements and success. They always have a project to finish before having time for menial tasks like socializing.

Can they ever be successful enough?

For most success addicts, that day will never arrive. The high that comes along with each new achievement lasts no more than a couple of days. While they congratulate themselves after reaching one goal, they contemplate the next, even more challenging task. There is little time for satisfaction because it could distract them from more important matters. The drive for many success addicts is jealousy about achievements and accomplishments of more successful people.

The attributes that allow success addicts to continuously reach higher and higher have driven many to behave recklessly. To help them through the difficult times, many fall into the traps of addictive substances, complicating their lives even more.

What can I say — it takes all kinds…

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