Do you need a bug-out bag? Part 1

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Do you need a bug-out bag? - The Hot Mess Press

Bug-out bags are not new to those in the prepping community. But many people aren’t familiar at all with bug-out bags and don’t understand why they are needed in some situations. These bags are designed to help you leave your home quickly with the supplies you need for up to 3 days. They may also be called “72-hour bags” or “go-bags.” To some, this may seem extreme and unnecessary. But bug-out bags can be very helpful in certain circumstances. Read on to see if you need a bug-out bag.

What they’re used for

A bug-out bag should have food, essential toiletry items, and other survival tools that can help you make it through the 72 hours after an emergency. They are especially beneficial for anyone who lives in an area with extreme weather that requires quick evacuation. Wildfires, hurricanes, and other inclement weather conditions can often require you to leave your home with very little notice. Your bug-out bag can be grabbed quickly so you don’t have to waste time searching for things you may need. Many people prepare a bug-out bag for each family member. If you have very young children, you can distribute their necessary items in the other bags to keep the weight down on each pack.

Making your bug-out bag

There are plenty of videos and lists out there to help you know what to include in your bag. Experienced preppers, backwoods campers, and people who have been forced to evacuate their homes can provide useful feedback on the essentials. They can also help you understand what not to include. Your bag should be lightweight but sturdy with adjustable straps. Tactical backpacks are a good choice as they tend to have a lot of pockets to keep everything organized. Experts recommend practicing with your bag so you know if it’s manageable in an emergency situation.

No one wants to be forced to leave their home in an emergency. And in many cases, it is better to stay home. But for certain weather emergencies and other situations where your life may be in danger, you may have to evacuate with your family. You may not feel like you need a bug-out bag. But it’s always better to be prepared with something and not need it. The alternative is getting into an emergency and panicking because you weren’t ready.

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