Does wearing masks prime the body for cancer?

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There has already been much evidence of the potential risks to human health that regular wearing of face masks causes. Many scientists, medical doctors and researchers have also projected that the long-term ill-health effects that wearing masks will have throughout society will be disastrous as well. From the start, I was alarmed by the suggestion that we were supposed to cover our noses and mouths when entering a public space. Immediately, my instincts told me that something wasn’t right, and that this was a bad idea.

I’m not a scientist, but I am an avid reader and researcher who has been successfully applying self-study, logical and critical thinking skills and implementation of available resources to teach my children at home for the past 19 years. As it turned out, my instincts were correct because research, science and anecdotal evidence have clearly shown that wearing face masks for extended periods of time is bad for human health. What I did not know until recently, however, is that it can prime the body for cancer.

Wearing masks impedes the flow of oxygen

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The average person who has received even the most basic education can easily determine that it is not only not a good idea but possibly dangerous to deprive the brain of oxygen. When your face is masked, it impedes the entire exchange process of oxygen and carbon dioxide. You not only aren’t getting adequate amounts of oxygen when you inhale, you’re actually breathing in carbon dioxide.

study at the University of Georgia found that hypoxia (low oxygen levels) is a key factor in the development of certain types of cancer cells. Researchers analyzed messenger RNA from at least seven types of cancer cells. Their analyses determined that long-term oxygen deprivation is a driving factor in the growth of cancer cells.

Wearing masks creates perfect environment for cancer development

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When the free exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is impeded, it creates an anaerobic and acidic metabolic state, which is the optimum environment or condition in which cancer may develop. Wearing masks for extended periods of time or short periods of time on a frequent basis creates an environment where cancer may grow and thrive.

Additional adverse health conditions

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There is ample scientific evidence that shows that cancer isn’t the only risk wearing masks causes. People who are spending a majority of time in masks may also be at risk for heart attack, stroke and suppression of their immune systems.

Masks are ineffective to prevent spread of viruses

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If you live where temperatures are currently at or near freezing, you can probably see your breath when you exhale while standing outside. Try it with a typical style of face mask. You’ll notice that you can still see your breath.

The cloud you see when you exhale outdoors in cold weather is formed by tiny water droplets. Even one of these droplets may contain numerous viruses. The fact that you see your breath upon exhale while wearing a mask demonstrates that masks are ineffective in preventing emission of viruses.

From 14 days to nearly an entire year (and possibly, beyond)

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Anthony Fauci now says people will “need” to wear masks throughout 2022. Not only that, but he wants people to wear two masks at a time. This is utter lunacy and goes against all widely available scientific data that proves that masks are not only ineffective but dangerous to human health.

In the beginning, many people willingly donned a mask on a voluntary basis because this whole “pandemic” issue took the world by surprise. (It didn’t take everyone by surprise, however. Some researchers have long suspected that the current events we now face would arise, especially since patents were issued for coronavirus back in 2015 or so. It is illegal to patent a naturally occurring substance. It is also illegal to manufacture a virus in a laboratory. If coronavirus was patented, one of these two things would have had to occur, both of which are illegal.)

What happened to the 14 days of voluntary quarantine and wearing masks? It’s nearly a full year later. How long will people allow themselves to be ordered to cover their faces? When will the virtue signaling end where people assume that mask wearers and those who get a COVID vaccine must somehow care more about their fellow countrymen than those who don’t? That’s ridiculous and completely false.

The future looks bleak if the madness doesn’t end soon

The long-term effects of mask wearing will be disastrous. It is my sincere hope and daily prayer that people will conduct real research and stop placing their health at risk by implementing bogus measures that not only don’t help prevent or eradicate the virus but do real harm to millions of people every day.


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