Does your body need a megaphone to get your attention?

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Most of us live our lives at such a fast pace that we take little care of our health. There is just not enough time to take a breather. Your body is like your child, ignore it, and it will find a way to get your attention. However, if you are alert to what your body tells you, illnesses and diseases may pass you by.

Body tantrum

That is, of course, if you take action immediately. It is no good to hear the warnings but then waits to see if it clears up by itself. Changes in the way you walk, talk, see, think or communicate could need urgent attention. Similarly, unusual shortness of breath or chest pain might be warnings of a heart attack or stroke. Don’t wait and see; it could be life-threatening, and it justifies a call to 911. Here is some more body talk that you might have missed or ignored.

Does your body beg for a rest day?

Couch with frog resting

If you can’t get yourself to do your usual daily workout, feel worn out and sore, your body may need just one less-active day. If you struggle to ignore the temptation to drop down on the couch and watch your favorite TV show, the message is clear. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should give in and stay on the couch all day. What I’m saying is that you might want to lighten up your load a bit. If your workout causes pain that lasts more than a day or two, take note. Also, if a sudden pain during exercise makes your body shout “STOP!” Listen because it could be a torn ligament or muscle. It could even be a fracture. A certified trainer could help you with a rebuilding routine.

Does your body remind you of your age?

Body Seniors exercising

You might not feel much older than five or 10 years ago. However, your body will likely remind you occasionally of the wear and tear that go along with aging. Flexibility and body strength will taper off, and the cushions in your joints and spine will also break down. All your body wants is an acceptance that age brings changes that makes you less agile. However, pain that lasts longer than a day or two needs a doctor’s attention.

Don’t ignore alarm signals about your health

Body dizzy feeling

Your heart rhythm or another illness could cause a fluttering, racing or slowed heart rate, dizziness, lightheadedness and chest pains. Those are all messages of alarm your body sends out, urging you to see a doctor. Trouble with speaking and walking could be a warning of a possible stroke or heart attack.

Nobody knows your body better than you do

You can trust your body to let you know when it feels a bit off, when you need rest or when your jaw hurts from clenching it due to stress. After hiking, your calf muscles may hurt, but if it continues, your body would want you to see a doctor. Frequent crying and self-isolation might indicate anxiety or depression. A changing appetite could be a further indication of emotional problems.

In like manner, tossing and turning through the night could be your body telling you to get more sleep. Unfamiliar indications of allergies to pollen could be a message to avoid gluten or lactose products. Other signs of life-threatening conditions include a lump in the breast or a testicle.

Hand full of supplements

Instead of using over-the-counter medicines and bags full of supplements and herbal products, make a point of taking note of even the most minor messages from your body. You will save a lot of money and stop illnesses before they become serious.

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