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Have you come across a strange law in your travels? Some countries have laws that are so weird and bizarre that it makes one wonder what led to some nonsensical regulations. Some could get you in trouble that you never saw coming. If you are an international traveler, you might want to check for any strange laws in your destination countries.

However, some seemingly ridiculous laws apply to locals rather than tourists. For example, to fight obesity and associated diseases, Japan implemented such a law in 2008. The waist measurement of men aged from 40 to 74 must be less than 33.5 inches or 89 cm, and the waist measurement of women in that same age group may not exceed 35.5 inches or 90 cm. The punishment for violations of this is fines.

Japan, vacation
Don’t use your inhaler in Japan

Another weird law in Japan

Japan has strict drug laws that include anti-stimulants. Make sure you don’t take allergy or sinus medication that contains pseudoephedrine to Japan. It is an ingredient of inhalers like Vicks and Sudafed. Similarly, they prohibit any medicines containing codeine.

Fiji Vacation
Keep your swimsuit on in Fiji

Fiji Law: Keep your boobs and buns covered

Swimming and sunbathing are the reasons for tourists to flock to Fiji. However, topless bathing can get you into jail. The same applies to guys who are caught with their pants down in public.

Italy, vacation
Watch where you have your lunch in Italy

Heed Italian law when you eat or drink

Eating and drinking beverages near public places in Italy are strictly prohibited. For example, enjoining a snack or lunch while sitting on the steps outside a Florence church could get you a hefty fine.

Maldives, woman, meditation
Bibles forbidden in the Maldives

Maldives law is strictly Islam

Don’t you dare take your bible with when you visit Maldives because the only religion allowed for public observance is Islam.

Law against feeding pigeons
Feeding pigeons not allowed in San Francisco

Don’t feed the pigeons in San Francisco

Authorities in San Francisco encourage residents to report pigeon feeders to the police department. They blame pigeons for damaging property and spreading disease. Therefore, feeding pigeons could get you a stiff fine.

Law, Jamaica, marijuana
Really? Marijuana forbidden in Jamaica?

Jamaica law does not allow marijuana

Would you believe that Jamaica outlawed marijuana possession in 1913 already? Thus, don’t even try to sneak in marijuana when you visit Jamaica because even small amounts can send you to prison.

Law, Kazakhstan, airport
Put your camera away in a Kazakhstan airport

Photography is limited in Kazakhstan

Planning just one more family snapshot before you leave Kazakhstan? Then you might want to get that done before going to the airport. Kazakhstan law prohibits photography not only in airports but also in official buildings and military facilities.

Law UAE, airplane
Mind where you cuddle and kiss in the UAE

No public show of affection in the United Arab Emirates

Law enforcement in the United Arab Emirates has imprisoned tourists for puckering up in public. That is to say, you may only hug, kiss and even hold hands behind closed doors.

Paris, vacation
Don’t drive without a Breathalyzer

Personal Breathalyzer required in France

Every car in France must have a portable Breathalyzer. Essentially, the law applies to tourists and locals driving in France as well. If law enforcement catches you without such a gadget in your vehicle, you’ll get a spot fine right there and then.

Singapore, vacation
No gum chewing on MRT in Singapore

Puffing and chewing outlawed in Singapore

Lighting up a cigarette in Singapore is looking for trouble. Laws are strict against smoking in restaurants, on the streets, in parks or any other public places. Furthermore, chewing gum is as serious an offense as smoking. If you want to chew gum, don’t do it while using the Mass Rapid Transit system of Singapore.

Vacation, Barcelona
Swimwear restrictions in Barcelona

Swimwear is restricted to beaches in Barcelona

Before you wander off the beaches of this Spanish city, you would be wise to change into street wear or cover-up. Barcelona law forbids swimming attire in any areas other than the promenade and the beach.

Greece, vacation
Keep your belt buckled in Greece

Mooning not allowed in Greece

If your way to get a laugh involves mooning others, you’d better be ready to suffer the consequences. Unbuckling your belt and dropping your pants in Greece could not only lead to a stiff fine, but you could even land behind bars.

Law Canada, piggy bank
Canadian cashiers don’t want your coins

Canada not interested in the contents of your piggy bank

Canada’s Currency Act gives storekeepers and cashiers the right to refuse your payment with hands full of coins. Rocking up with your pockets full of pennies, nickels and dimes could cause you some embarrassment in line. Therefore, before you get to the cashier, make sure your wallet is stocked with credit or debit cards and bills.

Bottom line, check the laws and rules of the countries included in your itinerary before you go globetrotting.

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