Easy Christmas Baking Ideas

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One of my favorite things to gift at the holidays is baked goods. It’s often inexpensive and just takes time and patience. However, I’m not an amazing baker. You’d see me on “Nailed it” before you saw me on “Great British Bake-off”. I have a feeling there are a lot of folks like me, so I’m here with some super easy ways to bake holiday treats. These easy Christmas baking ideas will make you the most popular person at your office or in your house besides Santa!

Christmas tree brownies

I made these last year and they were a HUGE hit! I got the idea from this site. One of the best things about it is that you can make it as simple or complicated as you want. Bake your brownies from scratch, or use a mix. Spread some green frosting on top with sprinkles, or be a bit more detailed. It’s up to you!

  • Bake your brownies as you see fit, from a mix or from scratch. Once they’ve cooled, cut the entire pan into triangle pieces.
  • Tint some white frosting with green food coloring. Pipe it onto the brownies in a zigzag pattern.
  • Top with sugar sprinkles of your choice and a star sprinkle at the top.
  • Break a candy cane into pieces and stick one into the bottom of each “tree”

Christmas light sugar cookies

Like the brownie recipe, this one can get as complex or easy as you want it to be. I got the idea here.

  • Make sugar cookies from scratch or use refrigerated dough and make cookies according to directions. Let cool.
  • Top with royal icing, or to make it easy, spread white icing on each cookie.
  • Use a small tube of black icing to draw two lines for the light strings
  • Take mini M&Ms or another chocolate candy and press them sideways onto the cookies, to make theme resemble Christmas lights

White Chocolate Covered Oreos

Take this classic favorite cookie and kick it up a notch!

  • Melt 6 ounces of white chocolate carefully in the microwave
  • Dip Oreos into the chocolate and lay them on parchment paper. You can use a fork stuck into the cream center if you don’t want to use your fingers to hold the cookies
  • Before the chocolate hardens, top with crushed candy canes. Let cookies cool.

I hope you enjoy these easy Christmas baking ideas. They’re the kind that look flashy and taste great, but don’t take a lot of skill to pull off. Happy holidays!

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