Easy Ways to Exercise While You Travel

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Many people will start an exercise plan as a New Year’s resolution. But maybe you want to get a jump on that and start a bit early. Or, maybe you’re an avid exerciser who is wondering how to get in a workout during the holidays. Now, I think it’s perfectly fine to not exercise/stop an exercise routine if you want to so that you can spend as much time as you want with your family. However, if you’d rather break a sweat at some point during the festivities, I have suggestions! There are easy ways to exercise while you travel, and several of them can include your family in your activities!

Take a jump rope

If you don’t already own a jump rope, GET ONE. It’s such an easy and effective cardio workout. You can get your heart rate up faster, and a jump rope will hardly add any extra weight to your suitcase. Try a 20 minute workout with alternating speeds.

Play with the kids outside

Whether they’re your kids or your relatives’, if they ask you to play with them outside, do it! You’ll be getting exercise and so will they, plus your relations will LOVE you for keeping the little ones busy and off of electronics for awhile.

Take a walk with the family

Even if it’s a quick jaunt around the block, bundle everyone up and go for a walk after your Christmas meal. Bonus points if you get everyone to sing carols!

Go ice skating

This suggestion isn’t for everyone, but even if you’re just a novice skater, it’s great exercise. This is also another activity that kids will enjoy. Hop on Google and find an ice rink in your area. Lots of places set them up solely for the holidays.

Pitch in with cleaning

It’s tempting to sit and enjoy yourself, but your grandma doesn’t need to do all the work! Offer to help your relatives clean their house, especially if you arrive earlier than other guests. If you do, they’ll be appreciative, they’ll get to spend more time with you all, and you’ll get in a workout the easy way!

Shovel the driveway/walkway

If you’re going somewhere snowy, this is a great excuse to get a bit of exercise. Be careful to pay attention to your body. It’s very easy to hurt your back or another part of the body doing such a repetitive motion or pushing more snow than you can handle.

Stand instead of sit

This one isn’t technically exercise, but studies show that sitting for long periods of time isn’t healthy, so stand up whenever you can. Whether you’re visiting with relatives, watching a holiday movie or opening gifts, standing as much as possible is a healthier option.

If all of this sounds too overwhelming, you absolutely have my permission to skip exercise during the holidays. The point of the season is to enjoy yourself, not add to your stress. On the other hand, working out can help manage stress levels, so keep these easy ways to exercise while you travel in mind. Have a wonderful holiday season, whatever your plans may be.

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