Effective Parenting Requires Core Principles

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When one lands a dream job, he or she often gives it their best effort. They study the requirements and educate themselves on how to meet and exceed their employer’s expectations. What many may fail to appreciate about parenting is that it is the most important job he or she will ever have. How we raise our children will have long-lasting repercussions, far beyond one’s professional life.

One of the first principles to remember when that little one is placed in your arms is that what we do say matters more than what we say. Those little eyes are always paying attention to our actions. If we do not practice what we tell them, then they won’t form the character that we hope they will learn.

Another important foundation of healthy parenting is remembering that love is the most precious and lasting gift we can bestow on our children. One can never receive enough love. It won’t spoil a child to know and understand that they are deeply loved and cherished. Parents can still discipline effectively when a child is immersed in a loving environment. However, love cannot cover over wrongdoing, as a child must learn that there are consequences to poor decisions or actions as long as they are made to understand that their behaviors are wrong but they are not bad people for making a mistake.

Another important component of parenting is being actively involved in your child’s life. It takes time and perseverance to ensure that one’s child feels like he or she can open up and be free to share any aspect of his or her life, regardless of what problem they may be having trouble handling. It is also important to tailor one’s parenting style according to each child’s individual needs and personality. There is no such thing as one size fits all parenting. Even children raised by the same parents in the same atmosphere will develop separate characters and ways of seeing the world. That is one of the most incredible gifts to parenting.

Two other principles are setting and enforcing boundaries while balancing that with encouraging a child’s independence. Rules allow a child to learn about life in safe confines while experimenting with how they fit into the world – first at home and then into the world. A child grows up to be more confident and self-assured when they realize that there are some limits to what one may do in life.

Some other important issues to keep in mind include being sure to remain consistent with children once all of the rules are set out and thoroughly explained. Every child needs the security of knowing that their parents will always react predictably and that there are set expectations. When the home life is inconsistent or parents allow their emotions or moods to set the tone, then children develop insecurity and anxiety.

Every child is different as is every parent. The most important principle of all is always love.

Writer Bio:  Angela Mose

I am a mom of 7 who has successfully homeschooled for 20 years.  I was married for more than 25 years and have recently started my life over. I have a passion for writing and music and when the two can be combined, it is utopia.  A Maryland native, I am planning to relocate north in the near future and will continue to strive to learn and experience new things on a regular basis. I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home while exploring new ways to increase my knowledge and skills and help improve the lives of those around me.


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