Are Trump Lawsuits A Legal Strategy To Buy Time? Will Sidney Powell “Release the Kraken?”

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Sidney Powell says states would be “stupid” to certify elections as evidence mounts in Dominion investigation.

Return to the flooded Roots of the World | Dyson's ...The nation has watched in recent days as President Trump’s legal team filed suit after suit on behalf thousands of Americans (11,000 and counting as of November 11th) who have come forward with allegations of voter or election fraud. President Trump’s legal team, as well as his campaign staff, have been working around the clock to research, record and report each of these allegations. To date, multiple Trump lawsuits have been filed in at least six states, with a predominant focus residing in the rust belt.

Are Trump Lawsuits Part Of A Grand Legal Strategy?

The mainstream media has been quick to report on these Trump lawsuits, showing specific interest in cases that are dismissed by judges. However, little attention has been given to the details of those cases, the appeals process and the timelines provided for each. For example, in Michigan this week, a judge gave Trump’s team 21 days to provide additional paperwork for an appeal in a specific case.  Twenty-one days would put the deadline into the Thanksgiving weekend.  According to the Supreme Court, courts are closed for the holiday and during the week Powell's letter to Barr: General Flynn was set up to 'take ...of Thanksgiving there are no argument days, non-argument sessions or conference dates.

These details, among others, have lead many people to speculate that the litany of lawsuits, active appeals and barrage of continued cases are part of a grand legal strategy that is designed keep the mainstream media occupied while also allowing the Trump campaign and his legal team time to build their primary case.

VIDEO – Sidney Powell Vows To “Release The Kraken”

Sidney Powell‘s appearance on Fox Business yesterday has added further fuel to the fires of such speculation.  It remains to be seen what Powell has up her legal sleeve for the coming weeks. Meanwhile, an ever-growing number of citizens in the court of public opinion now believe that Dominion Voting Systems is somehow culpable in the nation’s political unrest.

According to Powell,

President Trump won this election in a landslide. It’s going to be irrefutable.

Watch below to hear what Powell had to say about the unfolding legal events allegedly implicating Dominion Voting Systems and many of America’s most prominent political figures in what increasing numbers of Americans now call a historic election fraud case unlike anything America has ever seen.

During her interview, Powell seemed unbothered by the December 14th deadline for states to certify their election results, asserting that “for fraud this serious, I think… even if the states are stupid enough to go ahead and certify the votes where we know the machines were operating and producing altered election results… they will be set aside by the fraud also.”

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