ELECTION 2020: Fraud Compilation Video, Plus A Former City Councilman and Lifelong Democrat Steps Forward With Fraud Claim in TX

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The below compilation of alleged 2020 voter fraud videos was released on 11/6. Below, you will also find a video “confession,” and several other reports for your consideration (Note: the video content is not our own, and may depict bias).

But first… A Democrat city official came forward in early November to report election fraud, confessing to his own experience. It seems this story has been largely overlooked by mainstream media outlets, but under the circumstances of our current political landscape, its significance could become substantial:

A former councilman for the city of Houston, Andrew C. Burks, who publicly professes himself a lifelong Democrat, told private investigators that he believes a long-running Democrat voter fraud ring operating out of Harris County, Texas is still operational and has been active in the 2020 election. Burks has gone on record under sworn affidavits to tell his story, and alleged photographic evidence has been presented for investigation.

During the interview process, Mr. Burks stated that he witnessed ballots that were not counted and that were instead retained by the electronic voting machines.  Mr. Burks also confessed that he had evidence of “dead people” voting.

Mr. Burks reported, “Fraud in the balloting, not just mail balloting, there is fraud also in the electronic balloting,” He went on to say, “The electronic ballots are done on a clock, the precinct judge opens up his precinct with an electronic clock on their machine. Now, what we found out, what I have found out, was that ballots were still in some of the machines.”

An organization called NATIONAL FILE has the exclusive on this story and obtained a video clip depicting a portion of Mr.  Burks’ interview with investigators. This story broke even as reports poured in about Texas political director for the Joe Biden campaign Dallas Jones was interrogated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after he was implicated in sworn affidavits regarding the voter fraud scheme.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.
And now…

What About The Alleged Confessions and Video Evidence?

We have been able to verify that President Trump’s team is considering all allegations, videos, reports and rumors of fraud, no matter how small, in the 2020 election. It remains to be seen how these efforts will contribute to the administration’s legal battles.

Now, some video. What do you think? Is something rotten in the state of Den… uh, Wisconsin? Pennsylvania? Michigan? Georgia? Texas?
Is there election fraud at play? Does this type of fraud really need to be considered “widespread,” “mass” or  “systemic” to be taken seriously?

We at The Hot Mess Press would like to extend a shout-out to NTD News (You’ll find a video below) for presenting one of the most straightforward and drama-free news reports we’ve seen in years.


In this one, pay special attention at the 1:22 mark


ONE OF THE MOST STRAIGHT FORWARD NEWS RESOURCES WE’VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME: The Depth of the Voter Fraud Content Begins at the 12:14 mark.

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