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Trump Says He Is Confident He’ll Win the 2020 Election Once Fraud Cases Are Fully Developed


The Hot Mess Press endorses NTD News for their unbiased and drama-free reporting. As such, we have requested partnership with NTD as an aggregator of their broadcasted content on Election 2020 and other national news.
The broadcast below is a recap of the current leading news in the U.S.
The order of broadcast is as follows:

1. President Trump is Confident He’ll WinDonald Trump's website 'hacked by Anonymous' after tycoon ...

2. GOP Raises Issues About Georgia Recount 

3. Graham: Nev. Signature Machines Weren’t On

4. Arizona GOP Seeks Hand Recount By Precinct 

5. Poll Watcher: Blatant Violations In Mich.

6. DHS: Election ‘Most Secure’ In US History

7. Every Legal Vote: Gathering Fraud Claims

8. Trump Deal Makes Covid-19 Vaccine Free

9. As Lockdowns Loom, Why are Markets Rising?

10. Chicago Mayor: Cancel Thanksgiving Plans

11. San Francisco Halts Indoor Dining

12. Americans Lost Over $5M to Porch Pirates

13. High-Flying 5G Could Slash Network Costs

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