VIDEO: Recap of Leading Headline News

Trump Says He Is Confident He’ll Win the 2020 Election Once Fraud Cases Are Fully Developed


The Hot Mess Press endorses NTD News for their unbiased and drama-free reporting. As such, we have requested partnership with NTD as an aggregator of their broadcasted content on Election 2020 and other national news.
The broadcast below is a recap of the current leading news in the U.S.
The order of broadcast is as follows:

1. President Trump is Confident He’ll WinDonald Trump's website 'hacked by Anonymous' after tycoon ...

2. GOP Raises Issues About Georgia Recount 

3. Graham: Nev. Signature Machines Weren’t On

4. Arizona GOP Seeks Hand Recount By Precinct 

5. Poll Watcher: Blatant Violations In Mich.

6. DHS: Election ‘Most Secure’ In US History

7. Every Legal Vote: Gathering Fraud Claims

8. Trump Deal Makes Covid-19 Vaccine Free

9. As Lockdowns Loom, Why are Markets Rising?

10. Chicago Mayor: Cancel Thanksgiving Plans

11. San Francisco Halts Indoor Dining

12. Americans Lost Over $5M to Porch Pirates

13. High-Flying 5G Could Slash Network Costs


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