Essential Oils May Be Essential to Your Good Health

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The way of the future with regard to natural/healthy living seems to include various practices thought by some to be “radical” or “hocus-pocus-like.” As creatures of habit, it is often difficult for we Americans to open our minds and hearts to ways of living to which we may not be accustomed.

However, a glance at current statistics involving chronic illness, disease, failed conventional treatments and mounting medical bills helps one realize that change is needed, and we might want to consider some other ideas.

In another article, I discussed the “Baby Steps” my family has taken over the past five or so years in order to take more control of our own health. Part of that journey has included studying and learning how to use essential oils in our daily healthful-living regime.

It makes sense that beneficial properties can be found in flowers and plants that God placed on earth for our enjoyment and sustenance. Still, many chemical companies, conventional medical entities and government officials seem to come out fighting if such things are even mentioned in public. (Might that have something to do with the fact that naturally-occurring materials can not be patented, and therefore, can not be controlled by government?)

Of course, as is the case with all forms of foods, medicines or topical products, misuse can have immediate and long-lasting negative effects. For instance, it is typically recommended never to ingest essential oils. However, careful research soon reveals that most incidents of adverse effects are connected to people who did not use the oils in question according to accepted safety standards.

Far more frequent are stories of those whose health and lives have been greatly improved through everyday use of essential oils. Some of the most common forms my own family uses are: peppermint, lavender, and lemon. We have also seen many positive results from using Frankincense, tea tree and clove oils.

There is much debate as to whether certain companies make higher quality oils than others. My advice is to do your own research, use and compare prices and performance, until you reach your own decision on the matter.

One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is through an aromatic diffusing device. It is a simple way to purify your living space and fill your home with wonderful, natural scents that are not toxic to your body.

Homesteading, Permaculture, re-purposing and natural living are trending lifestyles that are capturing the interest of many as we move further in to the 21st century. How essential, essential oils are to your overall well-being is up to you to decide. You may find the money you save in the long-run, the increased energy and improved immune system strength, and the liberating freedom of removing toxins and pathogens from your life is well worth the try!


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