Evolving Vegan: loaded pancakes

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Evolving Vegan loaded pancakes

My goal this morning was to make Evolving Vegan’s mushroom and spinach crepes. I’ve been eager to try the savory breakfast options, however, I blatantly ignored my early alarm. If you’ve ever had to make breakfast for hungry children in the morning, you know that a more time-consuming recipe is not ideal. That is why I opted to make loaded pancakes instead. It is very quick to whip together and cook time is even faster.

Recipe difficulty

If you’ve ever made pancakes from scratch, this won’t be too difficult for you. In fact, you probably already have the ingredients in your fridge and pantry. If you don’t have gluten-free flour, you can still use regular all-purpose flour. The only “odd” ingredient is flaxseed meal. It’s not common in most people’s pantries, but it should be! Flaxseed meal has quite a few health benefits and is high in fiber. If you choose to start incorporating flaxseed into your eating habits, I highly suggest you opt for ground flaxseed meal. Whole flaxseeds won’t breakdown in your body and will pass through your intestine undigested. Which means your body isn’t absorbing all those great benefits! You can find flaxseed meal in most grocery store baking aisles. I found mine for a good price at Aldi.

Pancake’s flavor and texture

Our super-duper picky toddler gave these pancakes a thumbs up! Trying new recipes with him is always risky business so you can imagine my relief when he happily ate all his breakfast! It was an all-around success, and everyone gave both the flavor and texture a high rating. The texture is probably the best I’ve ever had. They had crispy edges with a soft, fluffy center. The flavor was a whole other level. The blueberries inside the pancakes were warm and sweet and the bananas only added to the deliciousness. The recipe allows you to use any vegan milk of your choice. We used plain, unsweetened oat milk and I have no regrets! Overall, it was, hands down, the best pancakes we’ve ever had. These loaded pancakes will definitely become a regular in our breakfast rotation.

Evolving Vegan loaded pancakes

One cup of non-dairy milk. Like I mention, we used plain, unsweetened oat milk. While it was delicious, I’m going to try sweetened vanilla oat milk next time because I’m curious about how it’ll effect the flavor.

One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

One and a half cups of gluten-free all-purpose flour. I used regular all-purpose flour because we ran out of gluten-free.

One and a half tablespoons of flaxseed meal

Two tablespoons of sugar

One tablespoon of baking powder

One teaspoon of baking soda

Half a teaspoon of salt

One and a half tablespoons of melted vegan butter or sunflower oil. Keep a little extra to the side to grease the skillet

Three fourths of a cup of blueberries plus a little extra for topping

Mix the milk and vinegar and set it aside for five minutes. In a separate bowl, combine flour, flaxseed meal, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt with a whisk. Pour the milk and vinegar mixture into the dry ingredients, add melted butter, and stir together. Once everything is combined, fold in blueberries. Set the batter aside for about five more minutes to thicken. Meanwhile, heat a nonstick pan and melt one to two teaspoons of butter. Add about a quarter of a cup of batter, giving each dollop enough space to spread. Cook for about two minutes on each side or until the edges are dry and the top begins to bubble.

I found that my pancakes did not bubble very much. I waited until the edges were dry before flipping them over. Also, this recipe includes a banana caramel that I did not make. Breakfast was rushed and I didn’t have the ingredients for the topping.

Banana caramel topping

In a skillet, combine one tablespoon of sugar with one tablespoon of brown rice syrup. Cook on medium-low heat until sugar has dissolved. Add one coarsely chopped banana and a pinch of salt into the sugar mixture and mash with a fork. Cook and stir until thickened. Use immediately.

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These loaded pancakes from Evolving Vegan were both simple and delicious. I would highly recommend trying this recipe and if you haven’t bought your copy of Evolving Vegan, you can find it here with an autographed photo! I don’t receive any type of commission or points if you purchase Evolving Vegan. If would be awesome if I did, but alas my true passion is sharing these great recipes with all of you! Follow the Hot Mess Press for more recipes as I cook my way through 2021!

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