Face masks 2 years later: Why?

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The United States began its entry into a supposed pandemic nearly two years ago. We were asked to place ourselves under voluntary quarantine for 14 days to “flatten the curve.” Thus began a seemingly endless barrage of mainstream media “pronouncements.” That’s when we were told we could go outside again but only if we covered our faces. What is becoming almost incomprehensible is why anyone is still wearing a face mask nearly two years later. Science has proven that wearing cloth face masks does nothing to stop the spread of a microscopic virus.

In fact, the tiny, imperceptible holes in all face masks might as well be The Gotthard Base Tunnel in the Swiss Alps. That statement is, of course, meant to be facetious. However, it’s not far from the truth. A microscopic virus can easily pass through a face mask. Beyond the science of the matter regarding ineffectiveness, many people say that the government keeps “moving the goal post” to issue more and more mandates. The thing is, as long as people keep complying, the government will keep extending its overreach.

Surgeons wear face masks to keep guts and body parts out of their mouth and nose

Wearing face masks for extended periods of time is unhealthy for human beings. The science on this is clear. Mainstream media and  people such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and others would have you believe that it’s safe. Some people cite the fact that surgeons wear face masks for hours on end as proof that it’s not harmful to human health. They also mistakenly believe that surgeons do this to keep from spreading germs to patients. That’s false. Surgeons wear face masks to keep blood, guts and splinters of bone from entering their nose or mouth or splashing on their face during an operation.

There is ample evidence available to show that wearing face masks deprives the brain of much-needed oxygen. I witnessed this firsthand recently when my daughter’s oxygen levels were tested at a doctor’s office. She was tested with a face mask on, then without one. Her levels were significantly better without the mask. Not only is the brain deprived of oxygen while wearing a mask, it causes the person wearing it to breathe in his or her own carbon dioxide, which is unhealthy. Fibers, filth and bacteria can (and do) become trapped inside face masks, as well, and people breathe it all in.

Isn’t 2 years of face masks long enough to prove to you that they are ineffective?

How long will people be duped into thinking they’re doing something useful or helpful by wearing face masks everywhere they go? We went from “14 days to flatten the curve” to “You must agree to inject experimental drugs into your body if you want to work here, shop here, fly here, etc.” Many people are convinced that it is unsafe to be exposed to other human beings without a mask. Worse, some people believe they must wear one when they’re all alone!

Children are being indoctrinated with face masks

I recently saw a video that chilled me to the bone. In it, pre-school age children were being made to sing a song in school. The tune was similar to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” but the lyrics were quite different. Innocent children were taught to sing a song about face masks. Its message was that they must be happy to wear a mask to school. They’re being taught that they’re are showing how much they care about others when they do so. The song suggested that they are protecting themselves and their classmates. None of that is true, of course, but they don’t know it because they are children. Sadly, if this charade is allowed to go on much longer, they will grow up thinking it IS true and that it’s all normal.

In fact, it is anything but normal. It is delusional and nothing short of propaganda. What will happen when these two years turn into 10 years? By then, it is doubtful we would still be a free country.

The people of the United States should take a cue from the truckers who are currently driving through Canada to protest mandated injections. Mandates to wear face masks were put to the people first. Once government officials with an agenda saw how easy it was to get citizens to give up their freedom, they went a step further. They started mandating injections. It used to be illegal to enter a bank or other government building while wearing a mask. Now, it’s “required.”

Litter is piling up in our streets and waterways

I recently took a stroll with my brother and sister-in-law through an affluent neighborhood in my home town. We were astounded and saddened at the number of face masks that littered the sidewalks. Our counting stopped at 15, but there were more. This past summer, I was enjoying a day of kayaking on our favorite lake with my kids and their friends. My stomach turned when I dipped my oar into the water and accidentally swooped up a face mask. Look around you, and you’ll see them everywhere — in parking lots, on sidewalks, in creeks and lakes and rivers. They’re filling up the beaches and oceans. It’s disgusting.

Take off your face masks, America! Live your lives. Take care of your health and make your own decisions for your family. If you’re ill, stay away from other people. Do you want an injection? Then, get one. If you don’t, don’t. But, whatever you do, don’t let anyone convince you that a government should be able to usurp your right to make your own health care decisions or to decide what’s best for your children.

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