Face masks—again?

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Well, here we go again. Supposedly a new variant of Covid is running amok, and the powers that be are pushing the masks again. Never mind that there are still people who, for the last three years, have worn a face mask everywhere they have gone out in public. Now, the pressure is on for everyone to wear face masks again. But why?

Face mask hysteria

When Covid came around, the world went mad. People did things they wouldn’t otherwise do, like fight old ladies in the store for TP. They wore ridiculous get-ups to ensure that they wouldn’t catch the virus on any part of their being. Some wore triple masks so germs had “no chance” of reaching their mouth or nose. Never mind that that’s not how germs work. Others refused to leave their homes under any circumstances even when we were “allowed” to. The mass- or mask- hysteria was real, and the measures that were taken in order to thwart the spread of Covid caused countless deaths that wouldn’t have otherwise happened.

The mental health component of face masks

I remember for most of 2020, I felt like I was in a Sci-Fi movie. It actually rattled my nerves to go out in public, because everywhere I went, people seemed like zombies. Most everyone had a mask on that hid more than half of their identity, and no one made eye contact. In more liberal-leaning areas, the masks were dominant. If you, like me, did not wear a mask in public, people literally sidestepped you as if you were a leper. The scared person behind the mask radiated tension and anger. It was mentally and emotionally exhausting. Humans need interaction that requires facial expressions and verbal communication. But, especially in that first year, if someone did speak to you, their words were garbled behind their masks.

face masks

I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for babies and children. Children learn so much through facial expressions, especially in their earlier years. How was it to be around adults, to go to school, to only see half of the faces of their friends for such a long time? How did babies connect with their mothers and fathers? I never made my kids put on masks just to be able to go to the library or the grocery store. They simply didn’t go. In fact, in the state of Pennsylvania where I live, it is considered child abuse to purposefully inhibit a child’s ability to breathe correctly. The number of children I saw wearing masks out in public was heartbreaking.

Revealing an agenda

The media played a huge role in the hysteria by fear-mongering at every turn. You could not watch the news without hearing certain verbiage meant to prick your mind and make you feel fearful of Covid. It makes you wonder, though, why there was such a calculated movement. The mainstream news is only good at one thing these days: propaganda. Gone are the days when you could hear just the news, just the unbiased facts, so you can make your own informed decision. The news media has moved from the business of informing the public, to mind-control.

Many people are still under the impression that masks are necessary and effective. But many others are left confused as to why we still see people wear masks more than three years after it was announced that Covid was in the US. Why the push for masking again? What’s the agenda? The medical community does not even consider the new variant, “Eris,” a significant threat. Ah, but there are more boosters available, and the number of people who have taken them hasn’t yet reached a quota. Could that be it? There is a lot of money in pharmaceuticals, and if the “pandemic” showed us nothing else, it showed us this ugly fact.

Say no to face masks again

Americans need to wake up and rise up against the agenda. In fact, there are probably many agendas at play. When “two weeks to flatten the curve,” turned into months of severe lock downs and threats if you didn’t comply, many Americans did wake up. But was it enough? We are now entering our fourth year after the initial appearance of Covid. It’s time to reject any further “news” on the subject. Americans need to accept that there are going to be variants, there are going to be other diseases, there are going to be things that make people sick. We can’t hide in a bubble forever. We certainly can’t afford to allow our government and the media to dictate how we live our lives ever again, and that includes whether or not we should wear a face mask to avoid Covid.

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