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I told my husband how happy I am now that the Tiger King memes finally settled down. My husband had a bewildered look. Apparently, memes from Netflix’s newest series continue to litter his Facebook feed. Neither of us has seen the show, nor do we even have a Netflix account anymore. I reminded him that he could easily fix what he sees in his feed if he just hit the unfollow button.

Snooze your way to peace on Facebook

The unfollow button is such a beautiful feature on Facebook! I frequently use it during large scale fads or nationwide or even worldwide events. COVID-19 is a prime example. I understand that it is an important topic and we all need to stay aware of everything that encompasses the virus. I take it upon myself to research credible sources for facts instead of accepting the latest virus hack. During seasons such as these, I use the snooze button to weed out those who are a little more obsessive about current events. Just because it’s on Facebook does not make it fact. I do appreciate the memes though. You can snooze Facebook profiles and pages for 30 days too, that way you don’t have to go back and follow again. If you’re just not feeling a person’s content but still want to stay connected, you can choose to unfollow their profile indefinitely.

Facebook is such a creep

It cracks me up when Facebook users say they’ll never allow Alexa in their homes because they’re worried about their privacy. Look, we probably lost all our privacy a long time ago when they invented smartphones and yet we still pick on Alexa, poor girl. A year or so ago I told my husband about a very specific book I found on Thriftbooks that I wanted to buy for our two oldest boys. Within minutes, an ad for that exact book popped up on my husband’s Facebook page! Facebook is brazen about their creeping. I read this article about how to turn off their ability to stalk me but I’ve no doubt they have other ways of following me outside of Facebook.

Burning bridges

I have mastered the art of burning bridges with toxic individuals. This can be a touchy subject since we’re all supposed to love thy neighbor. Don’t misunderstand me, I still care for the people I’ve had to remove from my life, but I also care for the souls of the evil and wicked. That doesn’t mean I’m going to allow them within my inner circle of influential people. Despite my gift for cutting ties, I continued to struggle unfriending people online until I read this article. I hit that unfriend button like it was going out of style.

Bring peace to your life on and off the web

People may brush it off and say it’s just social media, it doesn’t matter. But it does matter to a certain degree, especially since we’re on social media SO much these days. We’re constantly drinking in information that may influence us even in the smallest of ways. Don’t stress about who you need to unfriend, whether in real life or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Myspace. Yes, Myspace is still a thing! I made a new account because mine from 2007 is long gone. YOU have just as much control over who enters your virtual world as you do your home. While we should always remember to pray for each other, it is okay to be wise about your choice of friendships. “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise; but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” Proverbs 13:20.

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