Facebook is caught once more censoring information, this time it’s vaccine-related

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Facebook is caught once more censoring information, this time it's vaccine-related - The Hot Mess Press

The idea that Facebook censors certain types of information is nothing new. We’ve known for many months just how far they will go to remove posts that don’t follow the globalist agenda. They ban users who post truthful information and use fact-checkers to debunk truths. But, they have no evidence to back up their fact-checking. Now, Project Veritas has uncovered another Facebook scandal. They have a rating system to determine a user’s level of “vaccine hesitancy.” The goal, as stated by Facebook, was to “drastically reduce user exposure” to any information that questioned vaccines or spoke against them in any way. Facebook is caught once more. They are guilty of trying to control your access to information so you can form your own opinion.

Facebook has a long history of censorship

Facebook users with non-liberal points of view have likely experienced censorship of some kind. There is a history of the removal of information about alternative COVID-19 treatments. Facebook was actually forced to stop censoring posts that listed factual information on the benefits of using HCQ. They also remove political posts from conservatives. This happened before and after the 2020 election. Facebook even banned the president of the United States. The truth is irrelevant here. Mark Zuckerberg and his minions want to control your access to information.

Vaccine Hesitancy Comment Demotion

This is the name of Facebook’s official plan to censor posts related to vaccine hesitancy. There are documents that outline the ranking system for the plan. These documents also tell exactly how Facebook plans to remove dissenting information. Project Veritas has copies of these documents. They are quite interesting if you want something shocking to read. The plan tells exactly how to deny users’ access to information against the COVID-19 vaccine. Facebook doesn’t care that many people could find it helpful when deciding on whether or not to take the COVID-19 vaccine. There is no concern for public safety, informed consent, or individual rights. They simply want as many people to get vaccinated as possible. After reading the documents, it seems that the goal is to promote the vaccine as effective and safe, whether it’s true or not. They won’t allow any opposing information.

Does it surprise anyone that Facebook is caught once again pushing the leftist agenda? Those in charge of Facebook care nothing for the First Amendment. They don’t want people to have the freedom to make healthcare decisions. Facebook is using its platform to promote only one side of the vaccine debate. This is unacceptable. The COVID-19 vaccine uses technology that has never been approved before. It’s untested and hasn’t yet been FDA-approved. The public should have access to this information. Using propaganda to promote a vaccine for a virus with a low mortality rate should have everyone wondering. Why are they pushing this shot so hard? Get your information from somewhere other than Facebook if you want the truth.

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