Fair Skinned Freckled Beauties Unite! Freckles Are the New Trend!

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Yesterday, I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned when my hygienist complimented me on my freckles stating that they were the most natural beautiful freckles. At almost 40, my freckles do not receive many compliments anymore except the occasional stated observation that I have a lot. Mine are currently very prominent since we recently spent three days at the beach over Labor Day weekend.

What did she mean by my natural freckles? Apparently, drawing fake freckles with makeup or having them tattooed to your face is the newest trend. Considering mascara does not stay on my eyelashes for more than two hours before flaking off, I cannot imagine going through the painstaking makeup application of tiny freckles that will likely be rubbed off throughout the course of the day.

My hygienist is quite aware of the newest trends considering she has a teenage daughter. Her daughter, like many other young girls, is apparently obsessed. After quick research on the internet, it was discovered that tattooing freckles is a choice many girls are making. The cost is sometimes around $250, and the effect is expected to last up to three years. Initially, the small brown tattoos can appear fake, but once they heal, tattoo artists are confident that they will have a more natural appearance.

How and why did this become a trend? Some attribute Kylie Jenner and Meghan Markel’s natural freckles may have increased the popularity. Then again, why does anything ever become a beauty trend?

If you do not naturally freckle, do not fret. It is possible you maintain skin that a dermatologist can easily spot skin cancer or other concerning spots. My dermatologist takes one look at me and sees dollar signs and a minimum of yearly visits for the rest of my life. In younger years, skin cancer seems like a silly concern, but I can attest it is not a concern to take lightly. For me, the trend is about 20 years too late.

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