False-positives lead the WHO to change COVID-19 testing recommendations

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False-positives lead the WHO to change COVID-19 testing recommendations - The Hot Mess Press

It’s the beginning of 2021 and we’re still dealing with COVID-19. We’ve seen many changes in recommendations from health experts over the last 10 months. These changes can make the average person wonder about the reliability of the information. Did they exploit this virus for political gain? At the very least, the data shows that exaggerations have caused panic and fear in many. Look beyond the mainstream media. You may find some information that changes your opinions on the seriousness of this virus. The World Health Organization has just recently changed COVID-19 testing recommendations. A high rate of false-positives has led to these changes.

Improper testing methods

People have begun to question testing methods due to the high rate of positive results in COVID-19 tests. Many states and locations around the country have used the PCR test. But according to the inventor of this test, Kary Mullis, it was not created to detect infection. It was designed to make copies of a particular DNA sample so the sample could later be studied in larger quantities. This test created many false positives. It also detected viruses other than COVID-19. You could get a positive result on your COVID-19 PCR test if you had the seasonal flu or the common cold. Yet, it was still used statistically to report the number of positive COVID-19 cases.

New recommendations by the WHO

The WHO just recently changed testing recommendations. Previously, a positive PCR test was counted as a positive COVID-19 case. Guidance in the booklet associated with the PCR tests warns of a high risk of false-positives. The booklet also recommended “careful interpretation of weak positive results.” New testing recommendations from the WHO call for retesting after a positive result.  Healthcare workers are also supposed to use observation and analysis of symptoms and consideration of contact with other infected individuals. At this point, they can determine whether someone is positive for COVID-19.

True pandemic or political agenda?

Many people are now wondering if the COVID-19 mania was political. Judge for yourself. For the past 10+ months, we have been bombarded with information on infection rates and COVID-19 deaths. Many people took this information from the mainstream media at face value. But when you look further into recommendations from the World Health Organization and other resources, you can plainly see how they misled the public. Consider this. Only 1-hour after the inauguration on January 20, 2021, the WHO released new testing guidelines because of false-positives. This false data was skewing the statistics. Convenient timing or part of a political agenda?

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the world. It has caused some people to be fearful. But others have had eye-opening experiences. We’ve seen how the mainstream media presents us with misinformation. They have used scare tactics to exaggerate the seriousness of COVID-19 from the beginning. Others in power have used misleading information to manipulate the public. The new testing recommendations from the WHO are proof of this. This information on PCR tests and false-positives was always available to them. It makes you wonder, why did they wait so long to update recommendations?

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