Family-Friendly Movies Part 2: Christian Themes

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As promised in Family-friendly Movies Part 1, I’m back with more great ideas for your next at-home family movie night. The films on this list all share a Christian theme. In the recent past, Christians have been under attack. Persecution has taken  overseas and also right here in our own country. It can be quite challenging for Christian parents to find creative ways to share their faith with their children.

Watching movies at home is a fun way to spend time as a family. It’s definitely not as expensive as taking everyone out to a theater. Movies that have a Christian theme can be uplifting, educational, funny or heartwarming. Sometimes, you might find all of these elements in the same story. It can be tricky to find a movie that satisfies each person’s preference. (Then again, what better excuse to have a double feature?) This post shares some of my favorites. These movies have been providing wholesome viewing entertainment for my family for decades.

Family-friendly Movies Part 2 Viewing List

Some of the movies on the following list are rated PG-13. They might be best for watching with older kids only:

  • Life is Beautiful: Rated PG-13 — This is an unforgettable story about a family who is separated and sent to a concentration camp in WWII. It definitely deals with some heavy, thematic elements but is also a beautiful testimony of a man’s love for his wife and child. It also shows God’s great blessing upon a family who perseveres and keeps the faith during unfathomable suffering.
  • The Nativity Story: Rate PG A beautiful biblical drama about the life of Mary, Mother of Jesus and Joseph, her spouse. I love this film because it is earthy and also because the characters were so natural and believable. There is a disturbing scene involving the murder of the holy Innocents, so parental guidance is recommended.
  • Seasons of the Heart: This is one of my all-time favorite movies although has a few flashback scenes that might disturb younger viewers. I’m not sure if it is rated. It’s a heartwarming story of a pioneer woman who is grieving the loss of her two daughters. She is angry at God and has let her heart grow cold. A young orphan boy tests her heart to its limits. By fostering him, and through the Christmas story, she is then able to let God re-enter her life.
  • St. Patrick: The Irish Legend: We watch this every year on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the story of pirates who capture a boy. He escapes and returns home, only to go back to the land of his captors after becoming a man and a Catholic priest. While it’s not a holiday tale of pots of gold and leprechauns, it shows how a man of faith forgave those who wronged him and was able to reach out to a pagan society and teach them about the one, true God.
  • Do You Believe?: Rate PG 13 — The lives of a physician, a homeless woman, paramedic and several others intersect. They all come to a crossroads in life and must make a choice as to whether or not God is real and whether or not they should follow Him. This is a powerful movie!

Do you have titles to add to this Family-friendly Movies Part 2 list? Feel free to share them in the comments! So many TV programs and movies have violent or evil themes nowadays, but Christian parents can reclaim their children’s hearts. They can help preserve their innocence by sharing wholesome movies in the privacy of their own homes. You can also share the faith by inviting friends to join you for movie night!

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