Fashion trends for your 2021 summer

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There’s a certain universality about clothing and style. Savvy dressers, however, carefully choose outfits that make them feel good and look their best. Summer time is a fun time for fashion trends. After months of bulky sweaters, fuzzy socks and boots, we’re ready to feel lighter and less constricted when we get dressed. You may or may not be thrilled about the fashions that are trending this summer. Let’s take a look!

Denim straight leg jeans are among the top summer fashion trends for 2021

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That’s right! They’re back! Denim straight legs are all the rage. One good thing about straight leg jeans is that you can cuff them to various heights to become capris. Some people are loving the ‘raw’ hem style of straight legs. They sort of look like you took a pair of shears and just cut around the bottoms of your jeans (See image, above). Either faded or dark-colored jeans are in this year. With the latter, it’s super chic to pair with a cropped, leather jacket and chunky, black ankle boots. Tucking a pull-over sweater or cardigan into straight leg jeans is also the thing to do nowadays. Do you have a favorite brand of jeans? Oh! And, pointy toe stiletto heels with light-washed jeans and a graphic tee and moto jacket will let people know you are totally up-to-date on your fashion trends!

1990s Fashion trends are making a come back

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Break out the halter tops! They’re trending again this summer! From form-fitting halters with criss-cross necks to flowing chiffon styles, you’ll have your choice of a wide variety when temperatures start to rise! Halters are a versatile fashion tool because you can wear them with shorts, skirts, capris — just about anything! You can also dress them up or down, depending on shoe choice and accessories.

Slinky black dresses were a big hit on the runway

woman with brown, curly hair wearing black dress, arm above head

Who What Wear recently posted a review about the top-selling fashion trends on the 2021 summer runways. There was reportedly one item that garnered the most pre-orders from the world’s top designers: the slinky, black dress. Cut-out sides are also a popular feature in dresses this year, so if you can find a clingy, full-length black dress with sides cut out, you will be THE SAUCE.

Vintage bikinis will be hitting the beach

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For those who prefer the two-piece option for bathing suits, one of this year’s hottest fashion trend is the high-waisted bikini. With lots of colors and styles to choose from, you can go for a retro look or something a bit more sporty. This style of bikini bottom is also known for being flattering to most body types. If its made well, a high-waisted bikini bottom can help flatten a tummy area and smooth out a muffin top. On a more practical note, high-waisted bikini bottoms are less likely to fall off, especially if you don’t just like to lie on the beach but love to play in the water, as well!

Make sure you have some pink things in your closet

man wearing black hat, pink shirt, black shorts

Color is an integral component of all fashion trends. This summer, the trending color is PINK. Pastels and bold, vibrant hues are also at the front of the line for colors to wear this summer. What didn’t make the cut? Earth tones. If your closet is full of earth tones, you might want to store them away until they come back in style. A few popular colors for summer 2021 are mellow yellow, sky blue, raspberry sorbet and bright orange. If you’re cringing at the thought of wearing hot pink, pastels or other colorful fashions, remember that you can use color to add POP to a more subtle style outfit. Think of ways you can use the trending colors as an accessory, such as shoes, earrings or other jewelry, a purse, scarf or cute sun hat!

What shouldn’t we wear this summer?

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Part of staying updated on fashion trends is knowing what NOT to wear. To start, if you have joggers in your drawers, get rid of them. The fashion trend that has replaced joggers this summer is fitted track pants. When you’re planning your summer wardrobe for 2021, nix the skinny jeans. You already know what to wear, instead! (If you forgot already, scroll back up to the beginning of this post!) A few more things you can do without this year are printed scarves, leather pants (Thank goodness!) and clingy biker shorts, although Bermuda (long) shorts are still in style.

Which of these fashion trends have your name written all over it?

If you consider yourself a fashion disaster who would love to have a few trendy outfits but wouldn’t know where to begin, check out this article from our archives! You just might find the answer to your fashion woes!

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