Father’s Day gifts: Are you ready for June 20th?

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We should always let the special dads in our lives know that we appreciate them. That’s a given. It’s fun to celebrate Father’s Day each year, as well. Dads teach us how to do things. They protect us and defend us. Dads are providers. And, they hold us accountable when we mess up while, at the same time, letting us know that our mess-ups don’t define who we are, as much as what we learn from them and what we do about it moving forward in life. It’s nice to take time to share Father’s Day gifts with the special dads that bless our lives.

In case, you’ve been busy trying to survive 2021 in the midst of mainstream media-fueled and politically-induced crises, you might have overlooked the fact that June 20th is almost here! It’s a good thing you’re reading this post today because you’ll still have plenty of time to use the creative gift ideas I’m about to share to let the special dads in your life know how much you care! 

Coupons make great Father’s Day gifts

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Most dads aren’t crazy about the idea of organizing special events. If you’re looking for fun Father’s Day gifts, you can take care of all the details to plan a Dads’ Night Out (or in) for the special dad in your household. You can make this a group gift by pitching in with other families to reserve a party room at a local restaurant for all the dads! They’ll probably want to enjoy a few cold beers with their buddies, so make sure that part of your gift includes designated driver transportation. You can order pizzas ahead of time or give the dads a gift card so they can place the order when they get there. Ask ahead of time if the restaurant will allow you to decorate the room before the dads arrive!

You can also plan a Dads’ Night In at your own house! Make sure all the ladies and girls have somewhere to go. Stock the fridge with tasty snacks and cold drinks for the guys. Set up tables for poker or other fun games. Perhaps plan the Dads’ Night In around a specific sporting event so the dads can all watch it together on TV!

If the dad in your family isn’t a sports fan and really doesn’t care for poker, you can make it a chess tournament theme or Xbox, etc. Just take care of all the details for a special Dads’ Night!

Stocks make great Father’s Day gifts, too

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What Dad doesn’t love the idea of enriching his wallet? Maybe you’ve got a dad in your life whose difficult to buy for. Consider investing in stocks in one of his favorite companies! You might have to do a little research or seek some advice ahead of time. Some stock investments produce regular dividends, which is a regular distribution of profits from a company. Other stocks gain value over time. Between now and June 20th, you can learn some basic stock investment information, then pool money together with other family members to buy Dad a few shares for Father’s Day!

Give an adventure he’ll never forget

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Most dads love Father’s Day gifts they can consume, such as homemade brownies or a selection of locally-brewed beer. As a change of pace, consider giving the special dad in your life and adventure for Father’s Day! Decide how far he’d be willing to travel and tap into online resources to make arrangements for an adventure of a lifetime! Here are just a few of many “experience” options the dads in your life might enjoy:

  • Indoor skydiving
  • Nascar ride along
  • A craft brewery tour
  • Ziplining
  • Professional golf lesson
  • Deep sea fishing excursion

What type of adventure would the special dad in your life love most?

Purchase a subscription or membership

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Memberships and subscriptions are gifts that keep on giving throughout the year! Is there a magazine publication the dad in your life would enjoy? Has he been saying that he wants to join the NRA or a gym or a sportsman club in your area? Beer-a-month or wine-a-month clubs are trending nowadays, as well. If you can’t think of a subscription or membership your special dad would enjoy, you might consider purchasing tickets to a special event, instead. Include a ticket for Dad and one for a friend of his choice!

Make Father’s Day a memorable occasion

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It’s become a tradition here on The Hot Mess Press for me to share an annual post for Father’s Day gifts. My husband loved the gift my kids and I gave him last year, which you can read about, here. You’ll also find several more ideas for creative ways to tell the special dads in your life: “We love you and appreciate you!” Whatever you buy, make or do, remember that what’s most important is taking time to show how much you care!

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