Father’s Day gifts the dads in your life will love

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This coming Sunday is a special holiday. If that made you scrinch your face and wonder what I’m talking about, you must be having a busy week. lol We’re counting down to Father’s Day, and if you’re still stuck as to what to get or do for the dads in your life, this post might help.

You can start by taking a look back to a post I did last year on creative Father’s Day gift ideas that don’t break the bank. We’d love to hear your best gift ideas as well, so help us out by sharing them in the comments under this post on our Hot Mess Press Facebook page.

Acts of kindness speak love on Father’s Day

After the spring we’ve all had with quarantines, political debates, civil unrest and many tragedies, most families are longing for quality time together. They want to hold their loved ones close and count their blessings. You can make Father’s Day special this year by doing something for the special dad in your life.

My husband has been lamenting that our front and back yards need a fresh layer of mulch. (That’s one way to put it. The other way is to say that we have not done this for about four years and there is literally not a scrap of mulch left around our shrubs and flowers.) The hubs has been super busy at work (That’s a good thing.) so the kids and I have developed a master Father’s Day plan to help him out!

We’ve all agreed to wake up in the wee hours while Dad is still sleeping this Sunday. We will sneak outside an mulch the yard, and we also decided to spread fresh sand around his horseshoe pits! The girls are making a “Happy Father’s Day!” sign to display in the mulch. My husband is a daily walker, so when he heads out for his morning walk, he will (hopefully) be delighted with the surprise!

Ways to show the love on Father’s Day

There are lots of easy ways to show the dad in your life how much you appreciate him. You still have nearly a week to get your Father’s Day gifts ready. Another great idea is for each child to write a favorite memory or a list of things he or she admires about Dad. You can compile it into a booklet or let each child decorate his or her own creation separately. If you’d rather go the digital route, you can create a slideshow that Dad can replay as often as he likes.

Why not put on a family comedy show for Dad? You still have a week to practice, and all it takes is finding some great one-liners or short comedy skits you can do together. Even the youngest can tell some knock-knock jokes! You can add a special touch by making Dad’s favorite snacks for him to enjoy while he watches the show!

If you’re up for building something, you might want to do as my friend and her kids have done this year. They designed and built a rolling saw bench for her husband! She happens to be an engineer, but I’m sure you can find instructions online to design something similar for the dad in your life!

Personalize your gift

If the dad in your life is adventurous, you might consider a scavenger hunt for his Father’s Day fun! You can write clues that lead to one special gift or lots of little surprises along the way. If Dad likes to down a few cold ones with his buddies, you can host a beer hunt! (Think: Easter egg hunt for adults! LOL)

Does the special dad in your life have a hobby or topic he loves, such as history, car racing, classic literature or greatest rock bands of all time? Brainstorm ideas with your kids for a Father’s Day gift that highlights his interests. You could even ask Dad ahead of time (like, today, so you have time to plan) to design his own Father’s Day plan, then you and the kids can make it happen! Life is short. Dads are special. Let the dads in your life know how much!

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