Fennel might help your upset tummy

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Until I learned about essential oils, I didn’t really know much about fennel, other than the fact that it’s an herb. Fennel essential oil is known for being a go-to for treating digestive issues, upset tummy or gut spasms. It has been my personal experience that it works extremely well! My typical routine for applying fennel oil to the abdomen is to place a drop right inside the belly button, then three drops at various points across the tummy. Rub it all in well, then repeat the entire process. This means that, in total, you would be applying eight drops of oil. I usually gain relief within 20 minutes of the application. If you don’t want to apply the oil topically, you can add a drop to hot tea.

More to know about fennel

I mentioned that fennel is an herb. It grows perennially and is a member of the carrot family, although it’s not a root vegetable. I’ve always described fennel as looking like a ginormous spring onion. It has a bulb that is pale in color and light green stalks. Extending from the stalks are feathery tips. The tips look a lot like dill.

I love plants that are edible in their entirety, which applies to fennel. You can eat the bulb, the stalk and the tips. I have not (yet) tried to grow fennel but have read that it can grow just about anywhere. The aroma and flavor of this versatile herb is similar to anise or black licorice. You can eat it raw or saute it. Some people use it in soups or sauces. Others prefer it roasted. The bulb is crispy, like celery. If you cook it until it carmelizes, it gains a sweeter flavor. If you’re up for trying new recipes, you can find lots of appealing things to do with fennel, here.

Fennel is a good health supplement

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Like many herbs, fennel is a healthy food choice. It is low in calories but high in nutrients. Which ones, you might ask? Vitamin C is the biggie. It’s also loaded with potassium and fiber. Raw veggies are usually super healthy but several kinds can cause gas or constipation issues. Fennel actually seems to do the exact opposite — it relieves these symptoms. Many people also say they have found great relief from diarrhea when using fennel essential oil. Because it stimulates metab0lism and suppresses appetite, some people chew its seeds to stimulate weight loss.

Help for troubled nerves

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Lavender is another herb that has many healthful properties. When combined with fennel, it produces a blend that has been quite successful in helping people relieve stress and anxiety. If you add a few drops of each to a carrier oil then rub deeply into your neck and chest, the aromatic vapors might begin to soothe your nerves. After rubbing it in, try covering your nose and mouth with your hands and taking several VERY deep breaths. Always use essential oils with caution. They have many health benefits but can cause harm if used improperly. Scroll part way down this page to learn more about precautions and warnings concerning fennel.

Fresh herbs are typically safe to use and provide many benefits toward strengthening the immune system, as well as overall good health. When used properly, they can be a great blessing in life!

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