Fight back against inflation

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Fight back against inflation - The Hot Mess Press

Inflation is causing economic strife throughout the country and is likely to continue to do so. I tend to be a positive-minded person and I prefer to look at the world in a “glass half full” way, but what I’m seeing now with the global economic system is not very promising. Grocery prices continue to rise and families are struggling to buy the necessities they need. The railway strike could make things much worse as it will be difficult to transport much-needed supplies to remote areas of the country. There are so many disasters happening at once that it almost seems nefarious. It’s time for our so-called leaders to have some accountability. Whether they acknowledge their errors or not, we as citizens have to find ways to fight back against inflation.

Fight back against inflation - The Hot Mess Press

Spend your money wisely

In times of economic crisis, it’s important to spend money on things that aren’t likely to go down in value. One of the main things in this category is food, especially food that will last long-term. Think shelf-stable items that when stored properly can last for years. It’s also helpful to think about things that you can invest in that might be useful in the future if there is a true economic collapse. Consider investing in ways to produce and preserve your own food. Whether it’s buying plants that you can grow on your property or purchasing tools that help you preserve the food you have through canning, dehydrating, or freeze-drying.

Fight back against inflation - The Hot Mess Press

Become as independent as possible

It’s a nice idea to think that our government will be there to save us if something catastrophic happens, but it’s not realistic. In times of economic troubles, you need to look for ways to be independent so you don’t need anyone to save you. Let’s face it. The United States government is in no position to help the average person, even if they wanted to. They don’t care about us. They have the money and power they need to sustain themselves. We have to learn to take care of our own families without government intervention. It’s a difficult concept, but the more independent you are, the better you’re able to make your own decisions without government overreach.

It’s a sad place we’re in where we can’t expect our government to have the best interest of the people at heart. Inflation is going up at an alarming rate and it isn’t likely to stop. While inflation is normal, the rate we’re seeing now is absolutely not. Fight back against inflation by becoming independent and spending your money wisely. Don’t expect the government to step in to help in a time of need. It’s very obvious that those in power do not care about the average American. But it’s not a hopeless situation. Buy tangible goods that won’t go down in value, learn to grow and preserve your food, and work towards a financial position where you don’t need the government to help you.

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