Fight for medical freedom for your children

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Fight for medical freedom for your children - The Hot Mess Press

I never thought I would see an America that is so divided. There have always been divisions, mostly fueled by those in power to keep us under their thumb. But the past few years, and especially the past 18 months, have been shocking. It’s disheartening to see how quickly Americans turn on each other because of differing beliefs. When it comes to convictions on medical freedom, I firmly believe these should be held sacred. No one should be forced or coerced to have a medical treatment they don’t want and don’t feel safe taking. Now, California is dealing with a tyrannical governor in the form of Gavin Newsom, who wants to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for children. Without the vaccine, children won’t be able to attend in-person school. If this is allowed to stand, you can expect leftist governors in other states to follow suit.

The data doesn’t lie

There is no reason to require COVID-19 vaccines for children. First of all, kids rarely get sick from COVID-19 and they tend to have very mild cases. But more importantly, there is no safety data to show that these vaccines are safe or effective for anyone, especially children. In fact, some studies show the opposite. While the media and government would have you believe that COVID-19 is killing unvaccinated children, the data doesn’t support this. If I have learned one thing from this pandemic, it’s that the only place to get reliable information is from primary resources. If you read a statistic or see it on the news, look up the data before you accept it as fact. There are many ways to manipulate numbers and the mainstream media and our government are the experts at data manipulation in efforts to alarm the public into submission.

Stand with California’s parents

Even if you’re not in California, you need to be aware of what’s going on. If this mandate stands, you can be sure that other governors will attempt similar mandates. Medical freedom is an important right that every American should have. Some argue that there have always been vaccine mandates for children to attend school. This is true, but exemptions were also always an option. From some of the stories I’ve read, people who’ve attempted to opt-out of the COVID-19 vaccine with exemptions are being denied. This is wrong. The government shouldn’t be able to question and scrutinize one’s beliefs on medical treatments, especially when it comes to untested vaccines for children where the risk of dying from the disease is negligible.

Parents’ first concern should be to protect their children. It’s usually an instinctual thing. You want to do everything possible to keep your child healthy and safe. But, when you don’t have accurate information, making the right choice can prove difficult. We are constantly presented with information that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective. The problem is that there is plenty of data that says the opposite. If adults choose to take the vaccine with the information available, that is their choice. Medical freedom is important. But children should not be forced to take a shot that hasn’t been through long-term tests for safety or efficacy. Consider all the data, and the lack of data, before deciding to vaccinate your children against COVID-19. One more thing to keep in mind. The vaccinated can still catch COVID-19 and can still spread it. So ask yourself. What is the point?

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