Finally, proof that Anthony Fauci is a fraud

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Finally, proof that Anthony Fauci is a fraud - The Hot Mess Press

Early last spring, we were introduced to Dr. Anthony Fauci. On paper, he seems to be a legitimate source of information on viruses and other contagious diseases, that is, if you don’t dig too deep. I thought he seemed reliable at first. But things started to not add up. Dr. Fauci was very wishy-washy on mask-wearing and other pandemic practices. He contradicted himself and the CDC. Many people started to see the cracks in the facade and realized that this man was not to be trusted. Finally, all the “conspiracy theorists” who last year were trying to tell everyone the truth, that Anthony Fauci is a fraud, will be proven to be correct in their assumptions on the famous doctor. If you haven’t read the recently released Dr. Fauci emails, you should. They are filled with information to show us just how despicable a person he really is.

Contents of the emails

Understand that these emails weren’t “leaked” as some sources are saying. They were released by request under the Freedom of Information Act. There are currently over 3000 emails available. Most are general questions and information requests. But others reveal that Dr. Fauci knew much more than he led the public to believe. He may even have known the source of COVID-19 at the beginning of the pandemic. Mainstream media outlets are misleading the public in relation to these emails. I  read an article that spoke of the stress Dr. Fauci was under, without actually revealing the email contents. The media doesn’t want you to dig further and read for yourself. But that’s the only way to find the truth. The entire contents of the released emails can be found here. Everyone who still looks up to Dr. Fauci as a savior would benefit from reading the emails.

Misinformation may have led to unnecessary deaths

Dr. Fauci knew from the beginning that wearing masks would not prevent the spread of COVID-19. One email reveals that he knew most masks couldn’t stop the spread of the virus simply due to the size of viral particles. Another email shows that Dr. Fauci knew that asymptomatic spread wasn’t a concern. But they still used it to scare people into staying home and being fearful. Fauci also knew about the potential of using therapeutics to treat COVID-19. These treatments could have been utilized to speed up recovery time and reduce fatalities. Fauci’s emails reveal an agenda that was designed to strike fear in the American public. It was not about health or public safety, but simply about seeing how far they could go with scare tactics and control.

The cognitive dissonance is real. Many people still don’t want to believe that Anthony Fauci is a fraud. But if you read the emails, you can see how corrupt he is. Dr. Fauci had information early on in the pandemic that could have saved lives. He knew which treatments were effective but that information was censored and those therapeutic drugs were not promoted. Why would a doctor do this? His motives likely include money. He was the highest-paid government employee according to the latest data. He’s connected to the Wuhan Lab in China, where the virus may have originated. He also has connections to Moderna, one of the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers. Fauci even has connections with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, two pivotal players in this pandemic. Anthony Fauci needs to be fired and investigated. His actions may constitute crimes against humanity. Dr. Fauci might be facing some prison time.

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