Flush the body fat with these 7 foods

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We are becoming ever-more mindful of our health and fitness. If you’ve been having too many late-night trips to your favorite fast food drive-thru or noshing on chips during your latest Netflix binge, maybe it’s time to rethink what you’re putting into your body so you can flush the body fat.

Thinking about shedding a few pounds, or simply upping the healthy foods you consume? Have a look at these seven foods that will help your body to dump the fat:

The bite of cayenne

A study by a Canadian research team found that cayenne actually works to suppress your appetite. You don’t have to overload your food for it to be helpful, either. Just a pinch will do to help you flush the body fat. Cayenne is loaded with capsaicin which helps to put your metabolism into high gear which actually helps to turn food into energy. This frisky spice goes great with meat, grilled fish and is particularly tasty on eggs.

Oatmeal – the good carb

Not all foods containing carbohydrates keep your body clinging to fat. Steel cut oats are the best whole grain carbs that keep you full longer because they’re high in fiber and take longer for your system to burn.

Glorious grapefruit

A recent study regarding how your metabolism works found that people who ate grapefruit for about six weeks, dropped an inch from their waists. The tart, slightly bitter flesh apparently helps brown fat cells to burn calories and to break down fat and help to flush the body fat. Also, grapefruit is full of phytochemicals which has been shown to help produce adiponectin, body fat’s arch nemesis.

Almighty almonds

As far as nuts go when it comes to fat busting foods, almonds are king. If you want to lose weight – particularly off your legs and tummy – eating about a quarter cup of almonds every day will apparently do the trick.

The marvels of apple cider vinegar

Acidic foods are known to help the body burn carbs. Apple cider vinegar apparently produces proteins which help to eat fat as well as help to keep your blood sugar stable.

Glorious garlic

If you believe every savory dish tastes better with garlic, you’re in luck because garlic is also a fat burner. Studies show that garlic stops fat from building up in your blood. Garlic supposedly also helps your body to metabolize sugar more effectively.

The warmth of cinnamon

This spice not only gives a delicious flavor to many things, it also it packed full of antioxidants which help to keep blood sugar stable preventing you from getting hungry sooner after a meal. Plus, it tastes great on other fat-busting foods like oatmeal.

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