Foods to prevent and eliminate parasites in dogs

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Foods to prevent and eliminate parasites in dogs - The Hot Mess Press

Dogs can get into a lot of stuff, which often includes them eating things they shouldn’t. They have a curious nature which means they may ingest things that can cause intestinal parasites. These parasites are not only disgusting, but they can also be harmful if left untreated. Serious infections from parasites will of course require a visit to your vet. But many minor problems can easily be dealt with at home. Some foods and supplements can also help repel fleas and other skin parasites. Feed your dog a diet consisting of the following foods to help prevent and eliminate parasites.

Foods to deal with intestinal parasites

Dogs are curious, and sometimes just gross, which means they often eat things that can lead to parasitic infections. There are certain foods that can get rid of many types of intestinal parasites. Pumpkin seeds contain curcubitin which paralyzes and eliminates tapeworms and other parasites. These seeds can be ground up to put over your dog’s food or can be fed whole. Be sure to use raw and unsalted seeds. Fermented vegetables and non-dairy kefir contain beneficial microorganisms that work well to eliminate many types of intestinal parasites. Grated vegetables like squash, cucumber, greens, and fennel help promote health in the digestive tract which can make it harder for intestinal worms to thrive. You can add these vegetables to your dog’s food. If you have a picky eater, you may need to grate the vegetables very fine to stir into their kibble.

Repelling fleas with food

Giving your dog certain foods can help repel fleas and prevent infestations. A healthy dog is less likely to have fleas so it’s important to be sure your dog eats nutritious foods. Apple cider vinegar can be added to your dog’s water to help repel fleas and improve the condition of your dog’s skin and coat. A tablespoon per every 4 cups of water is a good ratio. Brewer’s yeast, which can be found in powder or tablet form, is also great for skin health and repelling fleas. You can also use coconut oil in your dog’s food and on their skin. A teaspoon for every 20 pounds of weight works well for most dogs. You can offer coconut oil twice daily. I like to melt the coconut oil and pour it over our dogs’ dry food in the morning. Be sure to use a good quality unrefined coconut oil.

Parasites are not only icky, but they’re also harmful if left untreated. Most dog owners have probably dealt with fleas or intestinal parasites at some point. There are plenty of medications and chemically-based products on the market designed to combat these issues. But sometimes it’s helpful to go the natural route. Many foods work well to prevent and eliminate parasites. There are also some supplements that you can give regularly to your dog to help with these issues. As always, check with your vet if your dog has a serious flea infestation or intestinal parasitic infection.

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